Man was not God’s first creation nor was it God’s only creation but this has not stopped man from acting as if it were. We seek knowledge and understanding but at the same time we treat others with disdain and mistrust. We live this life as if we are kings and everything is our subjects. We view ourselves above all including God’s other creations. We treat this world as though we could start over or as if what we were given were unlimited.

In truth we do not seek understanding. We seek to be above all else in spite of and despite God. We seek the truth but when we are shown it we turn our backs wishing for something else and wanting something else.

The veils that have been set before us are there not to hide from us but to protect us. They exist not just to protect us from that which we do not know but to also protect us from ourselves. They protect us from our ego and our unwillingness to coexist. They protect us from our greed and desire for power and dominion over others. They protect us because although we would see ourselves above all the creatures of God, we are still but children in a spiritual existence we have yet to understand.


Spiritual Awakening

You cannot look for spiritual answers outside. It is only from within that we can see. When we look outside we only see reflections, bent and distorted to the image we seek. From within all is revealed, but we must not allow ourselves to be swayed by the things we have been taught or led to believe. We must look at ourselves with our eyes and heart wide open.

God does not look from afar. He is within and we must allow God to come to us rather than us seeking and creating a god that suits our desires. Do not fear what you will see next for there is beauty in all that exists and that will cease to exist.


I Am That

I am peace. I am love. I am war. I am all that you love and all that which you hate.
I am love eternal. I am joy in a simple smile. I am the irritation in your smirk. I am anger. I am manyfold.
I am all of you and I am none of you. I am the sanitized and I am the unclean.
I am the idealized and the rejected. I am that which is at the tip of your tongue and out of your mind.
I am creation. I am nothing.



Duality exists to please the mind. We are taught about right and wrong, good and evil, hot and cold, haves versus have nots. We are taught that in order for one extreme to exist so too must the other. We tell ourselves this because we believe we are anchored in the physical world to an illusion we call reality.


Part and Parcel

When we view the world with an open heart and an open mind, we can see ourselves in all of mankind, and all of creation. On the surface we view strangers at a distance. They are unrelated, each going about their own lives, seemingly different than our own. We view our life and our problems in the vacuum of our minds, or of the small circle we call our family.

Throughout our lives we seek a connection. We seek friendship. We seek the love of a parent, sibling and our children. We seek comradery, and an understanding. We seek a knowing. It’s there in its various forms as we interact with the world around us. In our search for understanding we strive for a connection with what some call the Divine or our Higher Self.

In doing so we look to the otherworldly to define ourselves to look for answers we deem unreachable all while our lives pass us by. And while we search for this unquenchable thirst we ignore what is in front of us. We ignore as those around us pursue the same dreams and wishes, all called by different names. We ignore the pain and suffering of a stranger. We tell ourselves they are not us and proceed to be thankful not to be in a similar situation.

Little do we know that the answers we seek are not just in ourselves but in the pain and suffering of others, in the joy and happiness of others, and in the shared and not so disconnected journey of a singular life of which we are a part and the whole.


Divine Consciousness

There is a transcendent fire in everyone’s soul, a yearning to return. Like a flickering light we instinctively know there is something calling, beckoning us to look. And when we choose to look what do we see?

As we dare to gaze, and interest is piqued, it becomes like a fading memory, an imprint. We suddenly return to our being, our realm of understanding. The Divine Consciousness is like a wave from which everything is created and destroyed all in one blow. Thoughts start as a rumbling. Some rise into a tsunami. Eventually all crash or collide into other waves, other thoughts, other creations, becoming new thoughts, and new creations. With each rise there is a fall, an ever changing consciousness.

When we look to see our place in this consciousness, we want to belong. We see ourselves as a drop of water, or perhaps as a single wave. If we choose; If we dare to look deeper, beyond what is apparent, we see that we are all of it. We are the drop of water. We are the wave. We are all of the waves. We are all of it. We are all of these all at once and at the same time we are none of it.

We are the Divine Consciousness.


I Will Not Grieve

I will not grieve you. Your life is a celebration.
I do not worry about those you left behind. We’ll come and join you.
I will not remember you in old age. I see you only in your prime.
I will not remember you sick. I see you vibrant with energy.
May all those who love you find peace in their heart. May their memory of you bring them joy and comfort.
May life treat us all as gracefully as you have lived this life


The Man Who Dreamed

There was once a man who was on a quest to know more about himself and his place in the universe. As part of his journey, he asked God to show him four things. He asked to see himself as he truly was, and to see an angel, God and the devil as they truly were. He wanted to know if everything he knew about life was real. What was man made? What stories he heard growing up were real? He asked to see these things in a way that made sense to him, and he asked in the only way he knew how. He prayed. He asked that he could see, hear and understand all that he was meant to see, hear and understand, no more and no less.

Over several years, this man’s prayers were answered. One day while meditating, the man asked if he could see an angel as it truly was. He asked that he be shown an angel, not as he had been taught as a child and later believed as an adult, but as it truly was. As he lay there in a dark room without any lights praying/meditating, the room began to fill with light. It was a blue light. It didn’t seem to emanate from any one place. Instead, the light filled the room. It took no form, no shape. What stood out more than the light itself was the feeling that came with it. It was a feeling of peace and of love. As the light became brighter and the room was illuminated, the feelings of love and acceptance were intensified. But just as the light came, it slowly dimmed. The room became dark again.

Years later the man would pray again. He asked this time that he could see himself. He wanted to know himself as he truly was, and not as the physical form, which he knew this life to be. Again he prayed before he slept. Later that night he dreamed of himself in a cabin. At first this cabin was empty. Slowly it filled, first with a table, then a chair. The smell of coffee filled the room. A book then appeared on the table. The sound of birds could suddenly be heard outside. As the man stared out of the cabin, he could see the trees that surrounded him, and feel the warmth of the sun in the sky. As the man began to feel all the things that he saw, he woke. As the man woke, he questioned how what he saw was him. He did not recognize the book, or the table, or the cabin. He did not know of this place, or recognize the song the birds were singing. As the man questioned more, he began to realize, each piece of the dream was him. It was all him. Everything inside and outside of the cabin was him. The memory and feeling of all that he saw was him. The peace of the moment, and the frustration of trying to understand was all him.
Feeling as though he understood himself more, the man asked God that He show Himself as He truly was. He did not know what he would see, or whether he would be too frightened or not prepared to understand. He asked anyway. As the man lay there praying before bed, his vision disappeared. Everything became black. The ambient light of the room seemed to disappear. He could see nothing. He could hear nothing. It was as if everything around him had disappeared. As the man stared into nothingness, he saw a green light. It was in the distance. The man was baffled. He did not know if he was staring from inside a tunnel or staring into a light. As the man questioned, his sight and hearing returned.

The man was no closer to understanding. It did not deter him. Years later, the man would recall his dream about the cabin. He decided to ask God again if he could be shown his true self. He wanted to know what would happen when he would hopefully one day grow old and die. What would become of his soul, or his spirit? As the man sat there with his family, his sight began to fade. His hearing started to disappear. He could see nothing. He could hear nothing. Just as his surroundings began to fade, he saw a white light. It was not a single point. Instead it enveloped him. As he began to recognize this light, he no longer identified as “I”. His memories were there, but it was as if they were external to him. They existed, but not as a part of him. Fearing he would be lost, the man called himself back. Slowly he could see again, and slowly he could hear again.

Scared, but undeterred, and again in prayer, the man decided to ask God about the devil. He wondered again about the things he learned as a child. Later that night he dreamed. In his dream he saw the devil. He looked like a normal man. He did not have any horns or look like a monster. He looked like a normal man. As the man saw the devil, a white light shown upon the devil as he stood in a doorway. The devil could not move. It was as if the light has frozen him in his place. The man then asked the devil, “Why are you the way you are?” The devil responded, “I have forgotten. I forgot the love that created me.” In that moment, the man felt sorry for the devil. He realized that the devil was no different than him.

The man woke. In recalling his dream of the devil, he realized that he too had forgotten love. He realized that throughout time, the devil has been blamed for all the misdeeds of man. In seeing the devil he knew the error of his ways. In asking God to show him his true self, and to show him an angel, God and the devil as they truly were, he was asking the same thing.

Love is always there. It is everything and emanates from everything. When we forget, we become nothing. When we seek to separate ourselves, we again become nothing.


For the Living

When my voice is silenced my words will be heard. Without name, nor face will I be known. My actions undone, solemn to the the wind.


When Living is as Hard as Dying

Living can be as hard as dying if you don’t learn your lessons. Most of the difficulties in our lives are brought on by ourselves. We set a measuring stick to where we think our lives ought to be and when we are not there it causes pain. This is a self inflicted pain in which no measuring stick can live up to ideals created from the desires of our minds.

Life takes us where it must, to shape us and mold us, to help us see. Life is not a series of check boxes with the final tick mark being our last breath. It’s more than that. Just what it is is eventually up to you.

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