Leap of Faith

The danger with premonitions is that we can forget to live. Guidance is received in many ways and premonitions are just one of many. Guidance can come in the form of advice from a friend or a priest, or it can even come as a fleeting thought. The best guidance among them all is often the one we forget, the one that comes from our heart. If we live our life looking to confirm everything at every step, that’s not living, it’s trying to be right, but by whose standards? We are the ones who live with our decisions, positive or negative, and our decisions have an impact on the world around us. No matter how much we want to believe that our actions, thoughts and beliefs just affect us, we cannot fool anyone but ourselves. We affect each other, through our moods, words, action and inaction.

Though we may want that pat on the back every step of the way, sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and take a leap of faith. Faith is not completely blind, when we follow our heart.


Pray for Me

When you pray for me, do not wish for money or riches.
Instead, ask how you can help me. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone.

When you pray for me, do not wish away my pain or sorrow.
Instead, come to me and talk to me. Let me lean my head on your shoulder.

When you pray for me, do not wish for an outcome or a path you would see for yourself.
Instead, give me guidance. Let me choose even if that means I falter.

When you pray for me, come tell me that you love me.
Sometimes all I need is to know I am not alone.



There is power in action. There is power in inaction. There is the power to create and the power to destroy. There is power to do all of these things and yet they are all illusions for every thought and every action has already been realized.

Fear not the things we know. Fear not the things we do not know. Fear not the things we do not know that we do not know. Do not fear for when I disappear, fear shall also rest its head.



I don’t write as often as I used to and that is by design. We each walk into this world with our own challenges and tests. We are different after all. We are born into different circumstances, speak different languages, and are faced with different hurdles in life. Regardless of those differences, we are more alike than we sometimes see or hope to be.

For me, my challenge has always been that I have a hard time when others cannot see the world as I do. I have a logical mind. I have always been this way. I have the ability to break down problems into their discrete parts, and by that virtue find a solution to problems, or perceived problems. I see the paths, in, through and out of situations. I see people in very much the same way. That in itself is my gift, my problem and my challenge. I can break people apart into their smallest parts, their motivations, their fears, their hopes, and their desires. I see these things in relation to their environment and the circumstances from which they come. I can see these things in regards to the relationships they have with others. Regardless of this, people are more than their fears, hopes and desires. They are more than the things they show, or even the things they hide.

And so in seeing people in this way, it’s easy to dismiss what others may see as a challenge. Seeing people in this way is a double edged sword. In one hand it can be used to manipulate people, to use people against themselves. By understanding how one’s fears and motivations drive them, they can be driven to do things they would not normally wish for themselves. Also by the same virtue, by understanding their hopes, they can be driven to be the best person they can be.

Today, I choose to write, not to be above others, or to convince others. I write because it is what my heart drives me to do. I write because in the end, you and I are the more than just alike. We are the same. We are One.


Each Other’s Maker

God does not pit man against man and brother against brother. Man pits man against man. He does it because that is what he remembers. He does it because he is driven by fear. He does it because he thinks it is the only way he can survive. He does it because he thinks it is either the other person or himself.

Man never stops long enough to see that the other man is himself reflected in the mirror. The other man is all that he does not understand about himself. The other man is his fears in human form. The other man is everything he has forgotten about who he can become. The other man is everything he has left behind. Behind that other man are the infinite ways in which he can reach himself. Behind the other man are all the ways in which he has forgotten God.

We are each other’s maker. How easily we have forgotten who we are.


Finding Oneself

Finding oneself is a fantastic thing, if we can do it without demonizing others. The whole point of discovering who we are as people and as spirit and soul is to do so in the context of this world. In doing so however, we quickly find that everything associated with “I” is an illusion. I can do this. I know this. I am this. These are all illusions.

The problem with I is that we look at everything in relation to “I”. I am this, but you are this. I know this. Do you also know this? I can do this. Can you do this? This separation is subtle. We see ourselves as knowing, as a part of the whole, but we are not all of the whole.

There is a big difference between the great “I Am” versus “I”. For those who understand me, I cannot be without “I Am”. I am that I am, and I am no one. I am no one without you.


A Message Lost

Christianity teaches love. Islam teaches love. Judaism teaches love. Buddhism teaches love. Most major religions teach love, but they are hijacked by those in power who only want more power.

They call themselves priests. They call themselves imams. They call themselves rabis. Not all, but many want power. They want power over your wallet and over your mind. They enrich themselves and rather than guiding their flock towards peace, they guide them towards war against their own brothers and sisters.

No matter how much we want to blame religion or someone else, they are not the enemy. It is ourselves for allowing our fears and others to guide us. God guides us all, but if we shut Him out through fear, hate, anger or jealousy, then we allow those voices and those influences to take root. We are and have become our own worse enemy.


A Prayer of Guidance

I dare not claim to know the will of God. I only pray that God will allow His will to be my will, that my heart may be open, that it may listen, and that I may humbly fulfill His will without judgement. In doing so, may I see what I am meant to see, hear what I am meant to hear and be who I am meant to be, no more and no less.



Invisible Man

The dreams are not you. You are you. Can you see yourself, or are you invisible? There are those who walk among us. They search in trash cans. They ask for money or food. Their voices are not heard and they are often ignored.

Don’t walk pass them as if they were not there. You may choose not to see them, but they see you. They see the fear in your heart. They see the illusion that has become life. Wake up from this dream. Wake up from this illusion.


Three Right Turns

When going around the block of life, three right turns doesn’t always make a circle. Sometimes we have to trust that God has a plan that we will not always understand. At different points in our life or our spiritual development, we may be blessed with glimpses.

These are just that, glimpses, because in a moment all that exists can be revealed and all that was unclear can be realized.

At each moment we have a choice. Sometimes those choices will not always make sense. We are passengers in life but we are not passive for our will is still our own until it is not so. We can trust in God, or we we can forge our own path. And though we may think our way is better, we may find ourselves at the same end, but on a path far more difficult than it needed to be.

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