Withered Truth

leather bound bibleBound leather.
Parchment paper.
Saints of men.

Stains of time.
Words warped.
Intentions lost.

Guidance sought.
Warped minds.
Confused soul.

Stay true to your heart. Stay true to yourself. In the face of pressure, in the house of another, do not judge. Accept as you wish to be accepted. Love as you wish to be loved. Compromise not the essence of your soul, but allow another to be.


The Kingdom

Jesus teaching If we are all God’s children, why do some choose to hold one above another? Some might call me a heretic and others might call me blasphemous, but was Jesus not a man? Did he not bleed? Did he not die? Though it is certainly true that he lived his life by his virtues, and he shared his life with many, why do some choose to hold him on a pedestal? Can we not all stand with God? Can we not all do God’s will? Can we not all share God’s grace? Can we all not speak with God? Some say we are only human, and to that I say, so was Jesus. We may try to create excuses for ourselves as to why we do the things we do. We might try to weigh our beliefs by what we can gain, and we may compromise our self-worth for the worldly attributes of this life, but Jesus has shown us that the kingdom of heaven is not across the river of life. It is life. It is in this life and the next life. To live in the kingdom does not only mean to love and to have compassion. It means to live it. It means in every thought and in every action, we should remind ourselves of who we are. We should remind ourselves from where we came to where we shall return. Jesus was a great man and did wonderful things in his life and through his life, but we are no different than him. By our choices we become who we become.



trinityKnow yourself, that you may know others.
Judge no one, that you may be judged by none.
Love all, that your heart may sing God’s grace.


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