God’s Measuring Stick

We are not God’s measuring stick. Though we may feel it is our duty to spread what we deem to be God’s word, let not our egos drive us. Let us not assume the will of God for He shall light the spark and ignite the flame in our heart.

All too too often God is used as a weapon. We use God to divide rather than to bring together. Elohim. From many we are one. It is through this understanding that we shall find God.

In the ghettos, in the wicked, in the hearts of the devout, on mountain tops, in the desert, and in every being we shall find God. Each of us are the face of God. We are the innocent, the disenchanted, the lonely; we are all part of God.

We are each other’s keeper. When we close our eyes and walk away, or when we turn our heads and mutter words of disgust under our breath, it is not man whom we turn our backs to, but it is God’s. We are like two faces of the same hand. We are one in the same.


A Message Lost

Christianity teaches love. Islam teaches love. Judaism teaches love. Buddhism teaches love. Most major religions teach love, but they are hijacked by those in power who only want more power.

They call themselves priests. They call themselves imams. They call themselves rabis. Not all, but many want power. They want power over your wallet and over your mind. They enrich themselves and rather than guiding their flock towards peace, they guide them towards war against their own brothers and sisters.

No matter how much we want to blame religion or someone else, they are not the enemy. It is ourselves for allowing our fears and others to guide us. God guides us all, but if we shut Him out through fear, hate, anger or jealousy, then we allow those voices and those influences to take root. We are and have become our own worse enemy.


The Enemy of Good

Fear is the enemy of good. Like a weapon, it is wielded against the weak, the scared and the vulnerable. Blinded, we swallow every word and every story we are told. Like yes men, we nod our heads, and take in everything we are spoon fed. Rather than question or look within to the universal truths that are in each of our hearts, we harden ourselves. Fear becomes a veil lowered over our eyes. It paralyzes.

Used by bullies and politicians, it has become a favored tool by religious leaders. Rather than preach love and compassion, many seek to demonize others for their differences. In the name of God, they cast out those who would oppose their version of the truth. As if gatekeepers to heaven, they brand all those who would disagree, an enemy. Fear has imprisoned them. And from behind their bars, they preach hate.


You, Becoming Me

I am a Sufi.
I am a Jew.
I am a Christian.
I am a Buddhist.
I am Hindi.
I am you.

I am a man.
I am a woman.
I am you.

I am a teacher.
I am a preacher.
I am a lawyer.
I am a servant.
I am a slave.
I am you.

I am creation.
I am destruction.
I am you.

I am you, becoming me.



deconstructing the worldWe can spend a lifetime tearing things apart, deconstructing beliefs and trying to build new ones. But what purpose does that serve? We can find all the ways in which we are different but what does that do except separate us. We look at someone, hear their thoughts and their aspirations, and then we proceed to bin ourselves into appropriate labels. What have we accomplished by doing this? Have we done anything to understand each other? Are we closer to understanding ourselves? Some might argue that we are, but unless we can look beyond the differences, we might never realize there is something beyond that.

Things might appear random, but we are, by design. We are by our own choice, and by the will of He who created us. To some that may seem a contradiction, but perhaps with a love that has no strings, or conditions, we can allow each to have their own path. We can allow each to decide their own fate. We can allow each the room to grow, to spread their own wings. And although some may struggle to find themselves, we are each given that chance. Who is anyone to take that choice away? Who is anyone to say their path is the path. We each know what we know by our experiences. Though we might like to compare them to others, each is like a diamond, with its many facets. Each experience points us to another experience, and so on and so on. And so perhaps in time, when each is ready, we will all find a common understanding. Perhaps that is heaven. Perhaps that is unconditional love. Perhaps that is God. Perhaps that is creation. Perhaps that is the destination. Perhaps that is the beginning. Perhaps that is the path.


Many Times Over Shall We See

It’s easy to criticize others. It’s easy to point out the things about a person, their actions or their beliefs that are distasteful to us. It’s even easier to walk away and pretend we didn’t hear something when we know it is wrong or offensive. So who is at fault? Is it the person who spews hatred because it is what he knows; is it the person who adds fuel to the fire through condemnation or blind reaction; or is it the person who walks away? So many of us clamor for a better life and for a better world, but change does not happen in the minds of men. It happens on the backs of our actions, and the backs of what we are willing to put forth with our own heart.

We can sometimes get so carried away with the ranting of a few that rather than make good from what is poison, we judge and criticize without care for bringing another into the fold. Perhaps there is a lesson for all of us. Judge not the man, nor even his actions, but rather show him the loving light of truth. Reveal to him not our own disdain, but instead an understanding that he can take with him. For not once and not twice will we be given a path to redemption, but many times over shall we see.



Setting sun in my hand.What does it mean to be spiritual? Does it mean following any one religion? Does it mean believing in an all powerful creator? Does it mean being able to communicate with spirits and angels? Does it mean seeing auras? Does it mean seeing and feeling the connectedness of all of creation? What does it mean?

Maybe it doesn’t mean anything except to the person who asks the question. We find so many ways to separate, whether it’s race, gender, sexual-preference, culture, religion, socio-economic status or education. Do we need yet another way to separate? Can we not be satisfied that each person, each creation, has their own personal relationship with that which created all. Can we not accept that what sits in one person’s heart can sit in all others’ as well? Can we not accept that despite all of our outward differences, and even some inward differences, in truth we are the same?

So what does it mean to be spiritual? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know what sits in my heart. Do you?


Walk the Path

cobble stone pathSpeak nothing of the nature of God unless you know God. Speak nothing of the nature of others unless you know others. Your will is your will lest you try to make it the will of others. Cast your judgments and your assumptions on no one lest you are judged yourself.

Know the path of your own heart before you seek the path of another for the path of one, is not the path of all. Be not concerned with your standing in the eyes of another, lest you hold another above yourself. Though we may learn from others and from others’ experiences, want nothing of another lest you would turn yourself into someone else. Your path is your path for a reason. By your thoughts, by your words and by your actions you are who you are.

Walk the path that has been laid before you that you will come to know yourself. Walk the path that you may know others. Walk the path that you may know the Creator.


Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!

“Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!” These are the words being spewed from men and women alike, claiming to believe in God, claiming to live by the guidance set forth by God. How can any of us call ourselves children of God if all we do is try to claim our superiority over others. Does our religion really make us that much better? Does the brand of our religion really make us any different from the next person? No one has the right to judge anyone’s ability to gain entrance into a heaven they cannot even begin to understand? Is it not God who shall judge each individual, and God alone? If God is the only judge, then what does it matter to you, that another person should choose another path? Are you afraid their path is better? Perhaps you are both lost, or perhaps you are both right? How do you know?

You may claim that the Bible tells you what is the truth, or that the Quran, or the Torah tells you the truth, but what of their authors? Would you trust your soul to a person who is long gone? Some would say that those who have written such texts were guided by God, but who are you really trusting? Are you trusting your priest, the imam, rabbi, or even your parents? Are they not all human, fallible in every way? If God can guide them, who is to say He cannot also guide you? Can we not all look to God for guidance directly? Man would have others come to him for he sees nothing but himself. Seek not in others what you can seek in yourself.



Minarets are no more a symbol of extremist Islam, than church bells are a symbol of extremist Christianity. We see what we choose to see. Our fears drive us to seclusion. You cannot call yourself a Christian and then hide in church. You cannot call yourself a Muslim and then hide inside a mosque. You cannot call yourself a Jew and then hide in a synagogue. We cannot be close to God/Allah and then build walls that separate us from all others. We cannot be close to God/Allah and then call ourselves the chosen. God is at your doorstep, would you turn him away?

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