Leap of Faith

The danger with premonitions is that we can forget to live. Guidance is received in many ways and premonitions are just one of many. Guidance can come in the form of advice from a friend or a priest, or it can even come as a fleeting thought. The best guidance among them all is often the one we forget, the one that comes from our heart. If we live our life looking to confirm everything at every step, that’s not living, it’s trying to be right, but by whose standards? We are the ones who live with our decisions, positive or negative, and our decisions have an impact on the world around us. No matter how much we want to believe that our actions, thoughts and beliefs just affect us, we cannot fool anyone but ourselves. We affect each other, through our moods, words, action and inaction.

Though we may want that pat on the back every step of the way, sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and take a leap of faith. Faith is not completely blind, when we follow our heart.



premonitionWhat you see is not for your gain. What you see is not for self-recognition. It is not about being right or being proven right. It is not about confirmations or denials. It is not about being seen or being known. Have compassion for the lives of those whom you see. Have understanding for the choices made and those denied. Be a comforting voice and a helping hand.

Have gratitude for the life so close, but not always so clear. Clarity does not come through sight of one’s eyes or spirit, but through heart. Whether a waking vision, or a dream, focus and understanding comes from an open heart, and not through the altered lens of one’s detractors.

See past the murky water. See past the swirled colors. See past images of past and future. See past what others would have for you, and look no more.


All a Dream

I have seen a glimpse of my future, and yet it is not my future. I have seen a glimpse of my life and yet it is not my life. Is it a warning? Is it a test? Is it what is to become? All of these questions I have asked and yet none of them matter so much as, can I trust? Can I trust that what is planned for me is for the best? Can I trust that what is to come does not matter so much as how I choose to live, how we choose to live? The answers to these questions, I do not know. All that I do know is I can either trust, or I can wallow in vein. I can trust, or I can eat myself alive with a worry so punishing I will wish it were all a dream. And yet, it was – all a dream.


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    Only we can free ourselves from tyranny. We are the tyrants of our own soul....

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