Grasping Hand

You cannot grasp with your hands that which you do not understand. Like catching water with your fist, let it flow. Do not try to hold onto today. It is already tomorrow. Do not look to tomorrow. You are here.


Truth Divine

Wisdom does not come from words. It does not come from having an education or by having degrees. It does not come from the ability to speak eloquently or the ability to entice others. Wisdom comes from the divine. It comes from living the truth. It comes from an open heart. It comes from an open mind. It comes from sharing a love so great, it cannot be contained even within our own soul. It is the spark of thought. It is the cadence of words, the cadence of our spirit. It is all of these brought together as a truth shared among those who wish to hear it, speak it and live it. Wisdom is truth divine.


Have Mercy

Have mercy on others for they know not always what they do. Have mercy on others, for they also hold the keys to the kingdom. Have mercy on others, for even in their misgivings, they have taught you the love of God. Surely, although influence comes from all directions, we always have the choice to listen to our hearts, through which God speaks, or to our minds, through which outside influence enters. Influence is seen and often times not seen. It is not always by our choice. In times of confusion, we must turn inward to the divine.


His Language is Love

God speaks in a language of love and understanding. He speaks in a language of hope and compassion. He speaks through the kindness and warmth of one’s heart and soul. God speaks in ways that we can all understand, whether we are young or old, man or woman, regardless of our creed or culture, language or nation. His language is love, and regardless of how we choose to translate it, it is always unconditional. It is unforgiving, because there is nothing to forgive. It is kind because there is no other way. It is everlasting because it is all there is.


The Disconnect

Being a witness to injustice is not the same as stopping it. Being aware of a problem is not the same as solving it. Being aware of the truth is not the same as living it. Too often we think it is enough to simply be aware of a problem without doing anything to resolve it. We tell ourselves we didn’t cause it and so it is not our responsibility. Others will take care of it. Let someone else do it. But if we each lay the blame on someone else, who will act? Who is left to clean up our mess? Who is left to carry the banner of truth? Who is left to defend the defenseless? Who is left to feed the hungry? Who is left to stop injustice? Who is left if we all decide to put the blame on someone else? Will we leave it to our children? Will we leave it to “luck” and “chance?”

I won’t. We have to be aware of the disconnect between thinking we know and truly living the truth. We all say that we should treat everyone with respect, and that we should love one another, but do we? Do you? Life is more than checking a few check boxes to say we’ve got it. It’s about living what we believe. It’s about truly living and breathing what we believe to be the truth. And if we can’t do that, then maybe it’s time to ask ourselves if what we think we know is really what we know.


What I Want for You

When you look at another person’s life, do not judge them by your life, for your life is not their life. Do not judge them by your wants, or your dreams, or your standards. Look at a person through the lens of their decisions and of the life they may have had to live. We are each born into different circumstances. Some are born into wealthy families and others into poverty. Some have large families and some are orphans. Some have illnesses and some are healthy. We are all different and should not be painted by the same brush.

What you deem as an impoverished life may be rich with love. What you deem as strangers and acquaintances may be family. We don’t always know and sometimes we are not meant to know. We cannot judge another’s life based on what we would have their life be, or what we would have our lives be. Surely there are those who are in need, but we must ask ourselves if what we want for a person is what they truly need.



If only people would defend helpless, persecuted or less fortunate individuals as much as they defend their religion or their favorite sports team. It seems as though we are picking the wrong battles. We are fighting for something but it is as if we have no cause. We fight to fight, without reason. We have forgotten what’s important. Rather than wanting to always be right, maybe we should strive to understand that others may make different choices. It’s okay to disagree, but there comes a point when our disagreeing leads to nothing but inaction and more fighting. Our efforts become misdirected and we no longer see the picture in front of us. Instead, we become blinded by what we want to see, by what we are told to see. Look past the differences because there are none. The real battle begins with ourselves. Know yourself and you will know others.


Not Enough to Tolerate

People often say that we should strive for understanding and tolerance so that there may be peace. Why just tolerate people? Does that not suggest we are still judging someone, that there is a limit to this so-called tolerance? Who sets this limit? What if there is something we cannot understand, does this tolerance go by the wayside? Perhaps if we tried to live life without expectations then there would not be a need to tolerate. Who are we to expect anything from anyone? After all, we are each given free will, the allowance to walk our own path, the allowance to live life as we see fit? And though some may agree with us, are not those who disagree just as important? Do they not have the right to live life as they want? And though we are each given the freedom to seek out life as we wish, are we still not answerable to all, for our life is not our life. All is a gift. All is to be shared. So instead of striving to tolerate others, love them. Love them as if they were you, for they are you. Love them as if they were your own family, for they are your family. Love them and allow them to walk their path, and perhaps one day your paths will join.


Not a Dream

I had a dream the other night and it caused me to think about multiple consciousnesses existing at once. Imagine you were each one of these consciousnesses existing in different dimensions. In each of these dimensions you performed different acts that led or could lead to different outcomes. Now imagine you were aware of all of these consciousnesses. Suddenly being aware of the future, or understanding the outcome of your actions (past, present, future) wouldn’t be such a mind boggling act. It would just Be. Multiply that by each individual and each creature and suddenly it would be like feeling all of the love, happiness, anger, hate, joy, etc. all at once. Except it wouldn’t be overwhelming. It would just Be. It would just be because there would be no expectation. There would be no expectation of outcome, no success, no failure. There would simply be understanding. There would be unconditional love.


Being Right

So many people are so concerned with being on the “right” side of things that they miss the entire point of life. It isn’t about choosing the right side, or the shorter path. It’s not about who taught you what you know or how fast you learned something. It isn’t even about the depth of what you think you know, as much as it is about how you have lived your life. Have you forsaken who you are out of fear of appearing a certain way? Have you followed your heart even when it was at odds with your mind? Have you lied to others, and even to yourself?

We can say all the kind words we want, follow all the wise gurus we want and we can even recite the lessons of scripture or holy men, but unless our intent is pure, are we not just lying to ourselves? Are we not just hiding behind a facade. The warmth or coldness of our hearts cannot be hidden, not by our smiles nor our words. So do not worry about who’s way is the right way, or who was first to come to a given conclusion. Live your life and follow what you know to be right from within, for it is not they who will answer for your actions. It is you who will answer for your actions.

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