Part and Parcel

When we view the world with an open heart and an open mind, we can see ourselves in all of mankind, and all of creation. On the surface we view strangers at a distance. They are unrelated, each going about their own lives, seemingly different than our own. We view our life and our problems in the vacuum of our minds, or of the small circle we call our family.

Throughout our lives we seek a connection. We seek friendship. We seek the love of a parent, sibling and our children. We seek comradery, and an understanding. We seek a knowing. It’s there in its various forms as we interact with the world around us. In our search for understanding we strive for a connection with what some call the Divine or our Higher Self.

In doing so we look to the otherworldly to define ourselves to look for answers we deem unreachable all while our lives pass us by. And while we search for this unquenchable thirst we ignore what is in front of us. We ignore as those around us pursue the same dreams and wishes, all called by different names. We ignore the pain and suffering of a stranger. We tell ourselves they are not us and proceed to be thankful not to be in a similar situation.

Little do we know that the answers we seek are not just in ourselves but in the pain and suffering of others, in the joy and happiness of others, and in the shared and not so disconnected journey of a singular life of which we are a part and the whole.


Man’s Words

Man can seemingly create the most eloquent words, words that flow like a river and grow and blossom into beautiful flowers. At the same time, man’s downfall is that he can also swallow his own poison. Words and thoughts flow, but he does not stop long enough to fathom from where they come.

Thoughts and creation do not come from the mind alone, for no thought is born unto itself. But when man falls prey to his own ego, he becomes his worst enemy. He see’s himself a hypocrite. He becomes all consuming, creator of beauty and creator of despair. He is the creator of none.

When man can set himself aside, there is only the flower. From each branch, many more flowers are born. But do not discard the man, for even he can become a flower.



The body and soul are often seen as separate, one as a vessel, and the other as our essence. But in truth is there such a difference? That is, does it matter? We discriminate ourselves at every level possible, taking a fine tooth comb to our very being but does this bring us greater understanding? Does it bring us closer to knowing ourselves and the role we play in this life or the next?

We identify ourselves by our body, our affiliations, religious or otherwise, our name, our occupation and a myriad of other distinctions. But do these things truly define us? Do they make us who we are, or do we in the end, define ourselves? Perhaps none of these things are true, and a thought given, is a reality created.

Put your uniform or the costume you wear daily in a box, and who do you become? Strip away your religion, your country and even those immediately close to you and who do you become? That is not to say isolate yourself or become someone else, but to truly look within. Do you become someone else, or are you what you have always been? Spirit, soul, mind, body, are all words to give meaning and understanding, but at the same time cause one to compartmentalize their existence. We are all these things all the time and yet it does not matter, at least not as much as we would suppose.

Perhaps in brining distinction, we understand in pieces, but sometimes we must look at the greater picture, not necessarily ourselves, but the whole. We are the whole, never divided, except but in our minds. We feel. We experience. We love. We hate. We do all of these things, not realizing every bit of it is Us.

Bipartite or multipartite, the only agreement is the one we have made, will make and continue to make.


Creative Will to Explore

exploring darknessFree will cannot be taken away. The creative will to explore and to be oneself cannot be taken away. The physical body can be imprisoned, shackled and tortured, but the free will of the spirit and soul cannot be removed. Some may try to influence others through overt or concealed deception, but these deceptions are meaningless because the heart cannot be deceived. Whether through deceptive words, appearances, or actions, the heart knows truth, and is the seat of unconditional love. The mind, if allowed, is a door for all else. It knows what it knows, based on what it is told, sees, and experiences. When working with the heart, it acts like a gatekeeper. By itself, and left unchecked, it can be an oppressor.

To influence the heart, is to speak the truth and to speak openly without judgment or condemnation. To influence the mind, is to appeal to the ego. To remove undue influence, quiet the mind so that the heart may be heard. If it cannot be heard, wait. If one cannot wait, then Be.


Where Have You Gone?

Japanese sign contradictionDo not wonder about the path I have taken. Two steps to the front, two steps to the back, two steps to the side; either here or there I am beside you. I walk a crooked line but it is not for you. I walk a straight and narrow line but it is not for you. I stand in my place but it is not for you. Extend your foot and you shall see, but extend your heart and you shall be free. We are neither here nor there, but everywhere. Lift the veil, and you shall see, many more contradictions to set free.


The World as it was Meant to be Seen

Earth from spaceThere may come a time in your life when you feel you must warn someone about something, whether it is an event that is to come or about the attitudes that some may have. And though you may run the risk of appearing crazy or insane, you must ask yourself, what would be better, to appear crazy and have said something or to sit idly by while you watch the destruction of the people you love, or perhaps of perfect strangers. Ask yourself what you would want to happen if the shoe was on the other foot. Would you want someone to step in and assist you? There comes a time in our lives when we must ask what is more important, the opinions of others as it pertains to our sanity, or living truly as we are with no fear. Fear not the repercussions of living true to your heart, for this life is a short one. One day you will be asked why you did or did not follow your heart. What will you say? Will you say you were scared of making a fool of yourself? Will you say you were afraid no one would listen to your ranting? Will you ask what difference it would have made? Remove your fears. Remove the barriers of your mind, and you shall see and experience the world as it was meant to be seen and experienced.


The Infinte Heart

The mind is finite. The heart is infinite.


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