Withered Truth

leather bound bibleBound leather.
Parchment paper.
Saints of men.

Stains of time.
Words warped.
Intentions lost.

Guidance sought.
Warped minds.
Confused soul.

Stay true to your heart. Stay true to yourself. In the face of pressure, in the house of another, do not judge. Accept as you wish to be accepted. Love as you wish to be loved. Compromise not the essence of your soul, but allow another to be.


God Speaks in All of Us

If God expressed His will to you, would you change His words? Would you add to it? Would you edit it? Would you give it a grand title? Would you turn it into your own?

By changing God’s word, do we not take His breath and suffocate ourselves? Like weights upon our chest, do we not add burdens to our heart, rather than setting ourselves free?

Perhaps to express God’s will is to Be, not to be seen, to be heard or to be followed, but to Be. Perhaps if God were God, He would not need judges to persecute, politicians to rally on His behalf, or ideologues to frame His intentions. If God were God, perhaps His words would stand on their own, without need for justification or convincing. Unconditional love is an unending Source.


All or None

We should be careful with the all or none approach. After all, there are different versions of the Bible and different versions of the Koran, and different versions of the Torah for a reason. For whatever reason there were discrepancies. Some we can easily attribute to language, and others we can attribute to intent. With language, we can at least study lineage, but with intent, we have nothing but our own intent and the speculation of another person’s intent. But even with language, there is debate. For instance the passage about Jesus walking on water has two meanings, though I am opposed to neither. One suggests that Jesus literally walked on water. Another interpretation is that Jesus walked by water, because supposedly the usage of the word “on” in that time period meant the same thing.

The all or none approach also becomes dangerous because we are putting the trust of our beliefs into the abilities of other men. For instance, why were some gospels included in versions of the bible and others were not? What were the political motives during that time? When were the stories written? I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit guides. I have no doubt that God influences, but I do doubt the abilities of men. Free will to me is given for a reason. It allows us to trust what we are given in whatever form it is given, or it allows us to discount. Always my question when making decisions is, what would God have of me? By looking solely to the source, I can have no doubt.


Empty Words

King James Bible

Because it has been written does not make something true.
Because it has been spoken does not make something true.
Because it has been conjured by the mind does not make something true.
Thoughts are what we make of them.

Whispered into the minds of the willing, a truth it does not make.
Whispered by the mouths of saints and scholars, a truth it does not make.
Whispered by the wise and the blessed, a truth it does not make.
Thoughts are what we make of them.

Trust not he who holds his word above all others, for he has lost his way.
Trust not he who condemns and scolds, for he will be judged.
Trust not he whose words would bite and degenerate, for his tongue is wicked.
Thoughts are what we make of them.


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