Thimble of Truth

We cannot seek to understand God through logic alone. We think we know so much but we only hold a thimble to the endless ocean. When we put down what we think we know, only then does the search begin, and only then does it end.


Millions of Pieces

When looking at life, it seems intrinsic that we should know our life and know ourselves well. Even without much effort it is reasonable to assume that we know who we are and yet for many it is a struggle. To know ourselves requires not only that we know the individual but also the individual parts by itself and as part of the whole.

The struggle does not come from lack of memory but from lack of identity. To be part of a whole does not mean to destroy oneself beyond recognition, and to be an individual does not mean to forsake the rest of existence.

Some bandy around the word “balance”. On the surface this appears to make sense until we ask ourselves what is this balance. Is balance an even divide between what is right versus what we want to be right? Is balance defined by each individual depending on their understanding of self? Is balance simply the “struggle,” but in terms more palatable to our current beliefs? Perhaps balance is none of these and is simply the constant flux and process of understanding.

A pillar in a sea of waves understands that it is not the waves that must stop, but instead our struggle to fight them that must cede.



Man would like to operate in his own time, and would reshape the world. He would seek exploration of the outer world without first mastering the inner. In his pursuit of knowledge and mastery of all that he holds dear, he has enslaved his spirit and forsaken his own existence.


Contradictory Forces

hand redirecting water“Enlightenment” and “want,” or “desire” are two contradictory forces. Whether these desires include the desire for material gains, worldly gains, or whether they include the want for peace, wisdom or knowledge, they distract from that which is. A desire for change is not necessarily bad, though that is often based on judgment dictated by our upbringing and expectations.

The act of wanting something is like a great hand being placed in a river and trying to redirect the flow of the water. The water will continue to flow. Which direction it flows is not by our choice. We may try to change the flow of the water by placing boulders in its path to prevent or redirect it but no matter what we do, it will keep coming. In some cases we are more successful than others, and what we desire comes to fruition.

However, what comes as a result of our actions is not necessarily what is meant to be. We are allowed that choice nonetheless. The water that was once flowing may stop and all that lies beyond may go to waste, or a new path may be created and what was once dead or inconceivable is given life. But what happens when we are gone, or there is more than one person or being who tries to exert their will on this river? Whose choice is the right choice? Whose choice prevails? Our desires may lead us in the same direction, or they may have us at each other’s throats.

Regardless of these desires, the river that is life continues long after we are gone. So although we may want some form of enlightenment and we may think we have a method of achieving this, the very desire that leads us to it, and the inclination that brings it to our attention, are the very things prevent us from understanding it. With each desire we change the very thing we seek.


Divine Will

The divine will is not realized through knowledge alone. Knowledge without malice is compassion. Compassion without judgment is divine love.

What can be used to enslave can also be used to set free. What can be used to cause harm, can be used to heal. What can be used to exploit can also be used to show infinite wisdom. This life can be a playground, or it can be used as a classroom. One need not destroy the will of the other, for joy not only comes from playing, but also from learning.


The Root of It

Can you trace the root of what you know to a source? Can you trace the root of what you feel to a source? How far can you go? How far are you willing to go? Who is the definitive source? What is the definitive source? Many claim to know and many claim to understand, but how many are willing to say, “I don’t know. I don’t know, but I know what I feel.” We feel what we feel and no more. We think we know what we know and no more. When will you trust what you feel?


Ripe Fruit

Bowl of FruitFor some there is a yearning to return while for others the thought has yet to break the surface. When the yearning is deep, speak. Speak out and be heard that your fellow man shall know who he is. Speak that your words shall fill the air and fill the hearts of all those who would listen. Wait no longer, for when the fruit is ripe, it shall feed the soul. Weep not for those who would turn their back, but allow them time to heal. Heal, they will. Be not afraid, for what shall come to pass has already been decided.


Creating a New Totem

totemAge does not necessarily bring wisdom.
Age does not necessarily bring stature.
Age does not necessarily bring understanding.

When we pass from this plane, our words will fade.
The memories of the past will become blurred.
What once was will become but a footnote.

We can try to wipe away the pain. We can try to wipe away the memories. We can try to wipe away the words. We can even try to dig our heals into the ground. Youth is understanding under a different light, while age just shifts the context. Dream not for the past, or for the future, but for all that has always been.


To the Wise

wisdomWisdom is not boasting of fantastical feats.
Wisdom is not speaking to angels.
Wisdom is not channeling the great philosophers or scientific minds of the past.
Wisdom is not putting down others.
Wisdom is not conniving.
Wisdom is not living to be 100.

Wisdom is an invitation to share.
Wisdom is compassion in the face retribution.
Wisdom is kindness without want.
Wisdom is mercy where there is none.
Wisdom is allowing one to be themselves.
Wisdom is silence in a storm of lies.


Live in the Stillness

stillnessIt is true that the amount of things we can learn in this life are infinite. It is also true that with each experience, and with each moment, our perceptions of our life and the world around us changes. Though some may take enjoyment in new challenges or learning new things, there is peace even among the distractions. Peace and stillness are not just in the afterlife. They are here and now in each and every one of us.

Even among the destruction, the distractions and the chaos of our fast-paced world, there is peace. And though our pursuit of knowledge might convince us that enlightenment rests in the wealth of knowledge that is available, sometimes at our finger tips, it rests not in the intellect but in our heart. It rests in knowing that despite our self-perceived worries, and self-perceived thoughts of the truth, there is love. There is death in this world, and yet there is still love. There is anger and hate by some, and yet there is still love. There is confusion and yet there is still love.

Although some might question the wisdom of love, and the power by which it grants us peace, it is always here. It’s not waiting in the afterlife or with one specific person. It’s in every one of us. It is what breathes life into us and what guides us each step of the way. It is there in life and it is there in death. Live in the stillness. Live in love.

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