Man was not God’s first creation nor was it God’s only creation but this has not stopped man from acting as if it were. We seek knowledge and understanding but at the same time we treat others with disdain and mistrust. We live this life as if we are kings and everything is our subjects. We view ourselves above all including God’s other creations. We treat this world as though we could start over or as if what we were given were unlimited.

In truth we do not seek understanding. We seek to be above all else in spite of and despite God. We seek the truth but when we are shown it we turn our backs wishing for something else and wanting something else.

The veils that have been set before us are there not to hide from us but to protect us. They exist not just to protect us from that which we do not know but to also protect us from ourselves. They protect us from our ego and our unwillingness to coexist. They protect us from our greed and desire for power and dominion over others. They protect us because although we would see ourselves above all the creatures of God, we are still but children in a spiritual existence we have yet to understand.



Duality exists to please the mind. We are taught about right and wrong, good and evil, hot and cold, haves versus have nots. We are taught that in order for one extreme to exist so too must the other. We tell ourselves this because we believe we are anchored in the physical world to an illusion we call reality.


Invisible Man

The dreams are not you. You are you. Can you see yourself, or are you invisible? There are those who walk among us. They search in trash cans. They ask for money or food. Their voices are not heard and they are often ignored.

Don’t walk pass them as if they were not there. You may choose not to see them, but they see you. They see the fear in your heart. They see the illusion that has become life. Wake up from this dream. Wake up from this illusion.


Let it Burn

The artificial things we hold dear,
Let it burn.

The elegant drapes and expansive windows,
Let it burn.

The facade of success on a plate,
Let it burn.

We strive so hard to keep the picture perfect. We give meaning to the meaningless, and we stand, surrounded by an empty illusion. And though it crumbles before our sight, we do all we can to hoist up the madness. Beneath our feet we are weightless.


Cost of Happiness

happy faceThe perfect life, the dream; It doesn’t exist unless we make it exist. By our doing we force our dreams to become a reality. But what are those dreams? Are they the things that we tell ourselves will make us happy? Is it the dream of wealth, the dream of being heard and recognized, the dream of fame, the dream of comfort through worldly or emotional needs? What is it that drives us?

My dream or so it was a long time ago as a child was to be happy, for my family, my parents to be happy. It was for a world with peace. I wasn’t sure about everything else. I saw that not having to worry about money made some happy, or rather made some think they were happy. I saw that those who had prestigious jobs or a higher education made some think they were happy. I also saw that receiving presents or buying cars and being seen made others think they were happy. All the while, in the back of my mind, but at the front of my heart, I still clung onto that dream of peace, internally and externally for others.

I was never sure how to achieve that dream, my dream as a child. Sometimes I thought the best way to achieve it was to force it on others. Other times I thought I could take away people’s choices, or make a person feel there was no other choice but mine. Demonization and using guilt were other ways. None of these ways seemed to work, at least not for long. People were making choices that seemed to agree with what I thought I wanted, but not always because they truly wanted to make that choice. Some felt pressured. Some felt guilt ridden. Some did it to show face.

What’s peace, without open acceptance? It’s meaningless. What’s happiness if it’s temporary, or comes at the cost of someone else’s happiness? It’s meaningless. Your dream, and my dream; Perhaps they are the same, or perhaps we envision their realization differently? But is what is seemingly good for one, also good for all? At what cost will your happiness or my happiness come?

The cost of happiness…is free.


A Hunting We Will Go

wolf eats manWhen a wolf knows he’s a wolf, what will you tell him? Will you convince him he’s a man? Will you try to tame him like a domesticated animal? Will you tell him not to sharpen his teeth at the dinner table? Will you scold him for howling at the moon? Will you tell him not to slaughter the sheep?

When a wolf thinks he’s a man, what will you tell him? Will you dress him as you please? Will you hide him from himself? Will you introduce him to your friends? Will you call him by his name? Will you turn your back with ease? Will you unleash him upon your enemies?


Life in a Glass House

glass house interiorLife is not lived through a window. It is not the image we present or the stories we tell. Life is not the house we have built or the fortunes we foretell. Life is not a collection of friends or the picture of peace we prop up. Life is not about the right answers. Life is vulnerable. Life is being without judging. Life is being without compromising. Life is accepting without being uncaring. Life is a mixed bag. It is joy, and it is pain. It is love, and it is hate. It is happiness, and it is sorrow. It is fondness and appreciation. It is growth in a sea of unending change. Life is perfect in its seeming imperfection. Life is…


Word Games

Some say I speak in riddles.
Listen with your heart.

Some say my words are confusing, and purposefully misleading.
Let go of your expectations.

Some say that I do not take things seriously and make too many jokes.
Live in the moment.

Some say that I speak above others.
Look beyond the words.

Some say I like to cause mischief.
Tear down the walls.

Some say that I am judgmental.
Let go of your fears.

Some say they know who I am.
Look into your soul.


Illusion Loves Company

An illusion is still an illusion regardless of how many live in it. So often in our lives we look to others to tell us how we should live and how we should love in life. We are told how to be happy. We are told how to pray. We are told how to worship. We are even told how to love. No one ever tells us to just be, to be ourselves. And rather than try to be ourselves, we look to others for a nod of support. Little do we know, that those who we look to for support, also look to us for a hint at how they should live. So rather than being ourselves and others being themselves, we lie to each other. We lie about what makes us happy. We lie about ourselves. Rather than living with all that we are, laid out for others to see, we hide ourselves in the illusions we create. And rather than stepping outside of these illusions, we invite others to live with us in illusion. Each in our own illusion, we are afraid to admit our faults. We are afraid to step out and say, I do not have to do this. I do not have to hide myself. You do not have to do this. You do not have to hide yourself. Step out from the illusion and be your real self. Step out and I shall be there waiting for you.


Don’t Follow Me

LIFE Magazine: cliff

photo: LIFE Magazine

I like to walk on cliffs. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk in quick sand. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk the narrowest path. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk a crooked line. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to walk through fire. Be careful, don’t follow me.
I like to play with the other side. Be careful, don’t follow me.

If you can see past the illusion, come walk with me.
If you can put aside our differences, come walk with me.
If you can cast aside your doubt, come walk with me.
If you can understand, shhh. Come walk with me.

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