Man was not God’s first creation nor was it God’s only creation but this has not stopped man from acting as if it were. We seek knowledge and understanding but at the same time we treat others with disdain and mistrust. We live this life as if we are kings and everything is our subjects. We view ourselves above all including God’s other creations. We treat this world as though we could start over or as if what we were given were unlimited.

In truth we do not seek understanding. We seek to be above all else in spite of and despite God. We seek the truth but when we are shown it we turn our backs wishing for something else and wanting something else.

The veils that have been set before us are there not to hide from us but to protect us. They exist not just to protect us from that which we do not know but to also protect us from ourselves. They protect us from our ego and our unwillingness to coexist. They protect us from our greed and desire for power and dominion over others. They protect us because although we would see ourselves above all the creatures of God, we are still but children in a spiritual existence we have yet to understand.


Transitory Experience

Much like death, life is a transitory experience. The lines that separate life, death and the “next life” are blurred at best, marked by tears of misunderstanding and memories as blurred as the lives they separate. Memories become placeholders, but more importantly they become lessons, not just for this life but for all of whom you would share your life.

Each life, each soul, not only becomes a library of lessons but a testament of the divine for we are all witness to the divine in every waking and no(n/w) waking moment. We are witness to the divine unfolding.


Long Suffering

The words I could not say…

We love you.

We will miss you.

Forever in our hearts there will be a place for you.

We miss your company and yet you have not gone.

We miss your smile and yet you have not stopped smiling.

We miss your guidance and yet you have never stopped guiding.

We miss your warmth and yet your light shines ever brighter.

Go in peace, but never too far away.



circlesThere is no inner circle and no outer circle. They are one in the same. There is no circle.

There are no boundaries. There are no upper heavens or lower heavens. All that we wish to know is before us and not beyond some veiled mystery. There is no center or edge, for all exists equally. There is no rising above or sinking below for all that stands in our way is our selves. We cannot ascend past ourselves, but we can choose to accept all aspects that make us complete. We cannot surpass infinite expression, or fall short of its mark, for we are creation expressing itself.

When we turn inward, we also turn outward. Whether we choose to accept ourselves in pieces or fully embrace that which is, the result is the same. There is no time lost, or missed. There is awareness and understanding. Whether one decides to take the long road or the short one, there are no questions asked for the difference in the two is none.

Let not words separate. Let not our fears divide. Let no limitation become you. Let no disturbance become a hindrance.


Rushing Toward the Light

crack of lightIf you see a crack of light, do not run towards it, for you are already there.
If someone promises enlightenment, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.
If someone promises the heavens, do not rush towards them, for you are already there.

No one can promise anything to you that you have not already accepted.


Eternal Soul

walking into the lightThere are some who are eager for this life to end. They imagine riches, beautiful women, and a fantastical paradise awaiting them behind some veiled existence. Some see the next life as a reward for the things done in this life, while others see it as a natural progression of existence. For others still, some believe that all the mysteries of the world, seen and unseen, will be revealed to them, as if death in and of itself were some great epiphany. But what if none of these things were true? What if there were no riches and no virgins, or acres of green pastures awaiting us? What if enlightenment and the understanding of all that was, was not something that came automatically? What if peace remained a choice, just as it is now in this life? Would we hasten death’s door? Would we continue to damn this life, hoping that the next would bring something greater?

Rather than being so quick to judge this life, and to dismiss all that it brings, perhaps it is time to look closer. There is no guarantee in death. There is no guarantee of a next life or another life. And though we may think we know what is to come, perhaps what is around the corner is also right in front of us. Peace is now. Understanding is now. Love is now. Life is now. We are now, and yet the soul is eternal.



deconstructing the worldWe can spend a lifetime tearing things apart, deconstructing beliefs and trying to build new ones. But what purpose does that serve? We can find all the ways in which we are different but what does that do except separate us. We look at someone, hear their thoughts and their aspirations, and then we proceed to bin ourselves into appropriate labels. What have we accomplished by doing this? Have we done anything to understand each other? Are we closer to understanding ourselves? Some might argue that we are, but unless we can look beyond the differences, we might never realize there is something beyond that.

Things might appear random, but we are, by design. We are by our own choice, and by the will of He who created us. To some that may seem a contradiction, but perhaps with a love that has no strings, or conditions, we can allow each to have their own path. We can allow each to decide their own fate. We can allow each the room to grow, to spread their own wings. And although some may struggle to find themselves, we are each given that chance. Who is anyone to take that choice away? Who is anyone to say their path is the path. We each know what we know by our experiences. Though we might like to compare them to others, each is like a diamond, with its many facets. Each experience points us to another experience, and so on and so on. And so perhaps in time, when each is ready, we will all find a common understanding. Perhaps that is heaven. Perhaps that is unconditional love. Perhaps that is God. Perhaps that is creation. Perhaps that is the destination. Perhaps that is the beginning. Perhaps that is the path.


Into the Fold

accepting hands
When dark becomes you, embrace it. Embrace it, not so that you become it, but so that it shall know itself. Love it, not that you should do evil things, but that it shall know the light. Do not condemn it, but rather raise it up. Do this not so that you praise it, but so that it shall know there is another way. Cast it not aside, but rather bring it into the fold. And though it may fight and leave many times over, each time it returns, invite it, not that it shall bear fruit in your heart, but that it shall know home in your heart. Know the top of your hand as you know your palm, for they are one and the same.


Invitation to Love

What if love was an invitation? What if it didn’t have the need to convince or coerce? What if through our own choices and through the circumstances of our own lives we all came to a singular agreement? What if that agreement was love? What if over time we all chose love and hate was abandoned? Some say there must be hate in order for love to exist, but what if hate was just love without the context? What if hate was love, misunderstood?

Too often we go about life trying to make others as we are. We try to make others understand love as we do, when perhaps what we should be doing is sharing our love, and sharing who we are. Each must come to an understanding of love on their own and in their own time for if love is forced, are we not living a lie? Is that love not built on a foundation of falsehoods?

Though it is often painful to watch the ones we love live a life filled with choices that seemingly lead one away from us, love is understanding that one must come to an understanding on their own accord. Love is understanding that despite one’s choices, love still invites.


We All Need Each Other to Remember

Lost logoOver the course of the last few weeks, several people have come into my life. Some were family. Some were strangers. Some of them I have never met before and others I have known. I have disagreed with some, and for others we see eye to eye. As different as they may be, each one of them holds a place in my heart for each has reminded me of whom I am and who I have become. They have shown me my strengths and they have shown me my weaknesses.

Although there are times I may go through life thinking I have things figured out, they remind me of who I am, of who they are, but most of all, who we are. Though I walk my path and make choices by my own freewill, this life is a shared journey and I would not be where I am without all of those who have touched my life. Through struggles and heartache, through peace and joy, they have all touched my heart. To honor them is to be myself. Thank you for helping me to remember.

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