Part and Parcel

When we view the world with an open heart and an open mind, we can see ourselves in all of mankind, and all of creation. On the surface we view strangers at a distance. They are unrelated, each going about their own lives, seemingly different than our own. We view our life and our problems in the vacuum of our minds, or of the small circle we call our family.

Throughout our lives we seek a connection. We seek friendship. We seek the love of a parent, sibling and our children. We seek comradery, and an understanding. We seek a knowing. It’s there in its various forms as we interact with the world around us. In our search for understanding we strive for a connection with what some call the Divine or our Higher Self.

In doing so we look to the otherworldly to define ourselves to look for answers we deem unreachable all while our lives pass us by. And while we search for this unquenchable thirst we ignore what is in front of us. We ignore as those around us pursue the same dreams and wishes, all called by different names. We ignore the pain and suffering of a stranger. We tell ourselves they are not us and proceed to be thankful not to be in a similar situation.

Little do we know that the answers we seek are not just in ourselves but in the pain and suffering of others, in the joy and happiness of others, and in the shared and not so disconnected journey of a singular life of which we are a part and the whole.


Leap of Faith

The danger with premonitions is that we can forget to live. Guidance is received in many ways and premonitions are just one of many. Guidance can come in the form of advice from a friend or a priest, or it can even come as a fleeting thought. The best guidance among them all is often the one we forget, the one that comes from our heart. If we live our life looking to confirm everything at every step, that’s not living, it’s trying to be right, but by whose standards? We are the ones who live with our decisions, positive or negative, and our decisions have an impact on the world around us. No matter how much we want to believe that our actions, thoughts and beliefs just affect us, we cannot fool anyone but ourselves. We affect each other, through our moods, words, action and inaction.

Though we may want that pat on the back every step of the way, sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and take a leap of faith. Faith is not completely blind, when we follow our heart.


Patchwork Heart

Patchwork HeartIf I trust what I see I am left to the visions that are shown to me. Whether it is my eyes or my mind’s eye, I am left to judge the truth of my perception.

If I am to trust what I hear, I am left to decide whether I have heard the voices of men, songs of birds, or the persistent wind that blows through my mind.

If I am to trust what I smell, I am left with my nose in the air as if to search out a scent, or an idea or an emotion so deeply tied to that which illicits my quandary.

If I trust what I feel, I am left to decipher the aches and pains of hardships past, or the real and sometimes forgotten suffering of those left silent.

Trust, I must. “Who?” or “What?” is the question. To my mind in silence I retreat. It tells me of stories heard, emotions felt and images seen. Filtered with today’s “truth” I see a world built for my mind. It entertains me. It convinces me of what I want. But what I want, I do not know. My mind tells me.

Can it write the play and be the actors? It tells me of impossibilities, when what I want are all the possibilities. It cannot fathom what it hides inside of itself. A shell worn thin, the truth peaks thru. The beating heart, it never withdrew. Love firm, a trust I know. Forgotten and neglected, if there is something to trust, may it be my heart, I know to be just.

photo credit: Wee Notions


Perpetual Recrimination

finger pointingIn the hearts of men and women, the truth lays. Despite what we may try to convince ourselves and what we may try to convince others, the truth remains the same. When we try to prove right to another what we know to be the truth in our hearts, we have made the focus about ourselves, rather than about the truth itself.

There is no need to force belief or to cut down one’s actions and motives, for in doing so we have cut off our own legs, and poked out our own eyes. Blinded from what is truly right we seek to place blame, and find a “truth” that pleases the mind rather than sits well in the heart.

No amount of blame and no amount of finger pointing can free us from our self-imprisonment. When we would rather pick the fight rather than understanding what is, then we have already lost.

The truth for the sake of truth is an empty promise. Justice for the sake of justice is a dead weight. When one can put down his finger, so too will the other. When one can walk openly in acceptance, so too will the other.


My Strength, My Joy

One cannot begin to judge what is in another’s heart until they have seen and felt what is in their own heart. In seeing themselves they have had a glimpse at all that has ever been. In looking inward, one is able to see infinitely outward, and in looking outward, one has seen themselves written in the souls of creation. In you I have seen my faults, my inequities. In you I have seen my strength, my joy. When I have judged your faults, I have revealed my fears. For in becoming you, I face myself. Judge me no more. Walk away from me no more. See what is in my heart. See what is in your heart.


Burying Hope

Tree of LovePlant hope in the ground.
Don’t hide your heart.

Plant hope in the ground.
Watch it grow.

Plant hope in the ground.
Scavengers try to tear it apart.

Water it with love.
Watch it grow.

Water it with love.
Don’t need a halo.

Water it with love.
Come up from below.

Block out the sun.
Fill up the sky.

Block out the sun.
Blinding heart.

Block out the sun.
Open your eyes.


One Heart, One Soul

Remember love instead of deep anguish. Remember what made you whole rather than the things that tear you apart. Do not try to capture the past, or dwell on the things you wish could be, but live now. Do not try to change those around you, but instead allow them to be who they are. Share yourself freely, without want for how another should be. Allow others to make their choice even if that choice should lead one to a dark place. For in making their own choice, they are able to accept the outcomes. And in accepting the outcomes they can forge their own path, a new path. But until you can allow another to walk on their own, they will never know freedom.

No matter how long you travel a path with another person, you are no more defined by them as they are of you. Your choice is your choice. Your path is your path. At each moment it can be remade. At each moment it can be extended. At each moment another road can be explored. And at each moment you can decide that there is no path, and that there is only you. In accepting you, you may see how each choice, each action, each thought, affects all of existence; one heart, one soul.


Creative Will to Explore

exploring darknessFree will cannot be taken away. The creative will to explore and to be oneself cannot be taken away. The physical body can be imprisoned, shackled and tortured, but the free will of the spirit and soul cannot be removed. Some may try to influence others through overt or concealed deception, but these deceptions are meaningless because the heart cannot be deceived. Whether through deceptive words, appearances, or actions, the heart knows truth, and is the seat of unconditional love. The mind, if allowed, is a door for all else. It knows what it knows, based on what it is told, sees, and experiences. When working with the heart, it acts like a gatekeeper. By itself, and left unchecked, it can be an oppressor.

To influence the heart, is to speak the truth and to speak openly without judgment or condemnation. To influence the mind, is to appeal to the ego. To remove undue influence, quiet the mind so that the heart may be heard. If it cannot be heard, wait. If one cannot wait, then Be.


Catching Rainbows

catching rainbowsWords can often become so meaningless that we need reminders not to get lost in them. Words can do no justice to unconditional love. We can try and try and try, but we each know what we feel. It’s like music that touches our heart and our soul. We can feel it so deep down, but when we try to convey those thoughts it’s lost in way. It’s like catching rainbows in the sky or the beautiful notes from song birds that float so effortlessly through the wind. We know deep down in our core what we feel and what touches us, but those moments are not meant to be captured. Love can’t be captured, by a net, by words, or anything we try to build around it. And so it’s important to live in the moment. It’s important to feel, and to recognize all that is life, and not get lost by trying to describe it or save it for another day.


Heart Song

music of the heartWhen you prescribe advice to someone, do you truly listen to what the other person has to say? Do you listen to their heart songs? Do look into their soul and ask what has brought them to you? Do you stop long enough to care, or do you spout your words like shouting at the night sky? Like a child crying for attention do you flail about in your place? Do you speak with an empty heart?

What is good for one is not always good for all. And so perhaps if we truly cared, if we truly wanted to help another, we would listen. We would listen with an open heart, and an open mind. Sometimes the greatest help we can give is to not to give advice at all, but to truly listen.

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