A Prayer of Guidance

I dare not claim to know the will of God. I only pray that God will allow His will to be my will, that my heart may be open, that it may listen, and that I may humbly fulfill His will without judgement. In doing so, may I see what I am meant to see, hear what I am meant to hear and be who I am meant to be, no more and no less.



We are One

Sodom and Gomorrah
Man has been created and destroyed more times than he knows and yet he claims to know God’s will. He would assume God’s intent and would have God’s will be his own. Man knows what he knows, but only by God’s will. It is true we are a part of Him and He has created us, but we should not fool ourselves into believing that we are gods ourselves. We are One. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now and We are One. Each thought is connected. Each action is connected. Each individual is connected and We are One. In a flash We are created and destroyed and We are One. In a flash God expresses Himself and His love for us and We are One. God is not looking for Himself. He’s giving us a chance to know Him, by knowing ourselves.


Guidance is Given to Everyone

God’s guidance comes in many ways. It is up for us to open our eyes, to open our mind, to open our heart, and to open our spirit to all He has set before us. He speaks through the wind. He speaks through the birds in the sky. He speaks through the swirling clouds and the falling rain. He speaks through the trees. He speaks through the insects and the mountains. He speaks through the kindness of strangers. He speaks through silence. He cuts through the deafening clutter of our minds. Most of all He speaks through our hearts. If we would but listen, His guidance is there. There are no secrets. There is no secret book or hidden text. His guidance is there, if we would just take it. It is there. It is not for the special among us. It is not for the chosen. It is not for the elite. It is not for the poor or the humble. It is for everyone. Guidance is given to everyone, but by our own choosing, we shall seal our own fate.


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