When We Were Young

children hanging in a treeRemember me when we were young?
I am the same person you loved.

Remember me when we were innocent?
My soul knows no different.

Remember me when we used to laugh?
My heart still dances.

Remember me when we were happy?
I left my expectations behind.

Remember me when we held no secrets?
I could not judge.

Remember me when we hung on trees?
I had no care in the world.

Remember me when I was just like you?

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All That You Need

The past is blind.
The future is unwanting.
All you need is in front of you.
When you are presented with your brother, do not look for another.
When you see an empty field, do not dig.
When you want to speak, but the words cannot flow, do not look for a book to read.
The past is blind and the future is unwanting.

All that you need is before you.
When the truth is revealed and some would rather change it, do not swallow your tongue.
When the weak are trampled, and some would pick the pieces, make them whole.
When the innocent are defiled and some would turn their back, do not walk away.
The past is blind and the future is unwanting.

All that you need is inside of you.
When your heart sinks and you want to throw it away, do not cry in anger.
When your tears run dry, and you want to hide, stand in the center.
When your fingers claw at your skin, and your flesh becomes a prison, set yourself free.
The past is blind and the future is unwanting.

All that you need is all around you.


Break the Mold

Speak your first words by 11 months. Break the mold.
Walk by the age of 1. Break the mold.
Ride a two wheel bicycle by the age of 5. Break the mold.
Finish university by the age of 21. Break the mold.
Be married by the age of 26. Break the mold.
Have a successful career by the age of 30. Break the mold.
Have two children and a dog by the age of 33. Break the mold.
Own a house by the age of 35. Break the mold.
Retire by the age of 65. Break the mold.
Vacation around the world by the age of 72. Break the mold.

Break the mold that society has given and live life. Live your life for you and for all of existence. Don’t live it for the things someone else missed in life. Don’t live it for the mistakes someone else made in their youth. Don’t live it for someone else’s expectations. Don’t live it for your parents or your friends. Don’t live it out of guilt. Don’t live it out of anger, greed, or bitterness. Live it because it’s you.



They Too Shall Know

Consensus is not a necessary indicator of the truth. If your heart leads you to one place and the minds of others leads them to another place, do not doubt yourself. Do not doubt your place in this world, or where your heart has taken you. Instead, pray for yourself and for others that the truth may be revealed to you all. For in knowing the truth and living the truth, you are set free.

Mind not those who would seek to turn over every rock and look in every hole, for what they seek they do not know. They claim they are looking for themselves, but they look everywhere and to everyone but themselves. They try new beliefs as if they were new suits, but they do not know the consequences of their actions. They say they seek and that there is no harm, but they do not look beyond themselves. Do not judge them for in time they too shall know.


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