When Living is as Hard as Dying

Living can be as hard as dying if you don’t learn your lessons. Most of the difficulties in our lives are brought on by ourselves. We set a measuring stick to where we think our lives ought to be and when we are not there it causes pain. This is a self inflicted pain in which no measuring stick can live up to ideals created from the desires of our minds.

Life takes us where it must, to shape us and mold us, to help us see. Life is not a series of check boxes with the final tick mark being our last breath. It’s more than that. Just what it is is eventually up to you.


How to Keep a Smile

Expect nothing of others, let alone oneself. Each person, each creature is an individual with their own needs and desires. What may seemingly be right for one may not be right for all, or even for ourselves in another moment in time.

Take each moment as it comes and treat every experience as a new one. Treat each interaction, whether it is with a stranger, someone you love or even with someone with whom you do not normally get along, as if it were the first interaction. Do not become a stranger but rather walk with an open mind and heart that you may always walk away with God’s or the universe’s best intentions realized.

Do not condemn before giving life and others a chance. Do not walk in blindness. Open the eyes of your soul that you may see the light of life in every being and in all that you do.


Sacrificing Dreams

When decisions come from the right place, dreams are not sacrificed or put on hold. Rather, expectations and resentment are understood and put into check. We want so much for ourselves, but often do not stop long enough to ask if what we want is actually good for us. We see the immediate gratification, but never ask the question of how our desires affect those around us. We want things for ourselves. We want time for ourselves. But do we ever stop to ask what a stranger might need. Do we ever ask ourselves whether someone else is feeling alright? Perhaps some of us ask these questions, but at the end of the day, where does our focus rest?

Does it rest at the feet of our own comfort, or are we strong enough to see others who may be in dismay? Not everyone wants something for free, whatever that means. Not everyone is out to reduce us to shreds. Not everyone is out to hurt us. Sacrifice comes with desire, but with desire, the seeds of resentment flourish. With resentment comes anger. And with anger, our dreams become nightmares.


A Moment Not Judged is a Moment Lived

There is no such thing as stability when it comes to one’s life path. It is simply trust, misplaced. We take comfort in the constructs that we create in life. We tell ourselves that if we go to school and become educated that we will have a good job when we’re finished. We tell ourselves that if we save our money that it will always be there for a rainy day. We tell ourselves that if we show loyalty to people that others will reciprocate. We tell ourselves all of these things in the hopes that it all might just come true.

We live our lives expecting a specific set of possible outcomes, but when those outcomes are different, it causes us confusion. It causes us to question our very existence. The person who sought to educate themselves is now faced with having to compete with others of a similar background for a single position. The person, who saved, is now faced with inflation that outpaces one’s savings. The person who was loyal is now faced with the realization that his loyalty meant nothing to the one he sought to impress.

Our lives are filled with similar examples of misplaced trust. When our expectations are not met, we blame others, and we blame ourselves. We become self-destructive when what we really need is to open our hearts and our minds to what truly exists, and to what truly matters.

We spend so much of our time contemplating the what-if moments, the possibilities, but we never ask ourselves, does it matter? Is the purpose of life to earn money? Is the purpose of life to try and learn every possible thing we can? Is the purpose of life to impress others? Perhaps it is none of these things. Perhaps it is simply to express oneself, to take joy in each moment, as it comes, regardless of how it we are perceived. A moment not judged, is a moment lived, and yet here we are judging ourselves each step of the way.


No Tomorrow

The happiest moments in life are those when everything is left on the table. Leave nothing unsaid. Leave nothing undone. Leave nothing for tomorrow. Tomorrow does not always lend itself to better circumstances so rather than wait for the most optimal time, leave all the expectations behind.

There is no better time, or worst time so let there be no would have’s, could have’s or should have’s. Live life not for the hope of a better tomorrow, but live it for right now in this moment. Show all your cards, and leave all that you have on the table.

Let there be no regrets. Let there be no resentment. Shed every tear, kiss every cheek, hug every hug, and let there be no tomorrow.


Chasing Dreams

child running after dreamSatisfaction is difficult to come by when we’ve allowed something to take the place of our heart. Nothing can fill a hole that digs itself deeper. Nothing can quench a thirst that sits in the sun. Nothing can please a mind that has itself convinced.

When we’re ready to stop and face ourselves, then we can see the real challenge we face. It’s not the promotion or the job. It’s not the marriage or the relationship. It’s not the salary or the bills. It’s our expectations.

It’s the expectations that we have of ourselves and of others. It’s the future we hoist above our heads and the past we try to forget. It’s the dreams we’ve swept under the rug for the sake of another. It’s all the things we thought we wanted, but didn’t know why.

When our dreams become us, have we forgotten what we’re after, or have our eyes been so set on the goal that we disregard all in our wake?


Sweetest Perfection

Can you love me enough to see past my flaws?
Can you love me enough to see me through life?
Can you love me enough to let me fall?
Can you love me enough to let me pick myself up?
Can you love me enough to give me a pat on the back?
Can you love me enough to give me words of encouragement?
Can you love me enough to be yourself?

When I mope and throw a fit, I just want to be loved.
When I scream, I just want to be loved.
When I cry, I just want to be loved.
When I’m alone and hide, I just want to be loved.

I just want to be loved. Can you love me enough?


Photo Finish

Whether one is given a head start, one leaves with the pack, or one is last out of the gate, we arrive at our destination of understanding at the same time. Although we may look around and say, “This one is foolish. They do not know what they are doing,” or “This one is wise. Look at how much they understand,” neither has a leg up on the other. When we focus our energies and our efforts on trying to bring down another or lift another, we expect to see results.

Rather than expecting results, perhaps our energy would best be spent allowing another to understand themselves, while trying to also understand ourselves. When we focus on the iniquities of others, we do nothing but build resentment for others while at the same time distracting from those things that hold us back. There is no race or time by which all will be lost, or that all needs to be learned. There is simply now.

In living now and accepting what comes now, we remove the burdens of our wants and expectations. We remove the worries of defeat and loss. We remove ideas of denial and guilt. We remove all the things that prevent us from being our true selves.



Driving in Circles

circle trackWhen we make assumptions about people and how they will possibly act towards us or react toward a given situation, we act from a place of fear. Rather than approach a person or a situation with a clean slate, we place our fears in front of us as if to guard us from the possible outcome. But are we really protecting ourselves? Are we really seeing the truth, or are we judging someone before they have had a chance to act? Should not each person, regardless of their past, and regardless of their attitudes be given a chance? Should not each encounter be a new opportunity? It is true that we should not allow others to manipulate us. At the same time, if we treat each person with the expectation that they will behave as they have in the past, regardless if they behaved well or poorly, do we not rob ourselves of that moment? Are we then no better than the person we have come to judge?

Perhaps if we can break that cycle, we can give others a chance to grow and we can allow ourselves to grow. And if our assumptions are proven correct, rather than gloat and live in the temporary satisfaction of being right, we can put aside our pride. Perhaps that is all that is needed to reopen a door that was once thought to be shut. Though we might think we have nothing to learn or to gain from reopening a door, perhaps we can assist others and show them it is okay to walk through. It is okay to forgive. It is okay to put down a grudge. It is okay to admit error. It is okay to accept an apology. It is okay to let bygones be bygones. It is okay to move forward. It is okay to love again.


Remove the Fear

Remove the fear of not being loved.
Love yourself.

Remove the fear of doing the wrong thing.
Follow your heart.

Remove the fear of rejection.
Accept yourself.

Remove the fear of regret.
Live your life.

Remove the fear of expectations.
Set no limits.

Remove the fear of anticipation.
Take what comes.

Remove the fear of loneliness.
See your place in the universe.

Remove the fear of tomorrow.
Live for today.

Bring peace to your heart. Remove the fear.

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