When we read or see inspirational pieces of work, whether it’s a painting, sculpture or piece of writing, it’s easy to make the assumption that the person at the other end is somehow more knowledgeable, special or infallible in some way. From where must this inspiration come, many may ask. Does it come from a life of perfect bliss, an idealized reality or is it the result of living some pious and godly lifestyle?

It’s easy to think we are not worthy of some connection to our Creator, that what we’ve done in this life pales in comparison to what others may have done before us or what others seemingly do everyday. None of us are out of reach of the divine. We often see ourselves as separate and in many ways undeserving, but it is this imperfection that shows us the better side of who we can be and who we are.

Beauty is behind everything, even in the things we consider ordinary. But it is when we can take this beauty and be thankful for it, and show others how they too can have appreciation for what they have in themselves, that the true beauty of any work lies.



How much is enough to give? We are constantly making this calculation in our heads. If I give this amount, can I still cover my bills? Will I be able to pay for my lunch today? Will I still have cash left over? How much will be enough before this person moves on to ask the next person? How much is enough for me to not feel guilty and not feel resentful that the person asked for help in the first place? Will this person waste the money or will they use it for something worthwhile?

We ask these questions and many more, of ourselves when someone asks of our help, whether a beggar or even someone we know, More often than not, we fail to ask if the other person might need more help. We seem to care more about how we feel after leaving the situation than caring for the other person. Is that the right thing to do? Should our guilt or lack thereof take precedent over another person’s suffering? If we, individually, or as a whole, can ease the suffering of just one individual, should we not do all that is possible?

Rather than judge the cleanliness or disposition of an individual as a gauge of our willingness to give assistance, perhaps we should turn the microscope on ourselves. We have what we have only by the grace of the Divine. What has been given can surely be taken away? And so perhaps instead of being concerned with maintaining or counting on our next blessing, we should be sharing our blessings with others, that we may all feel the presence and be a witness to the Divine.

In doing so, perhaps we may see the Divine nature of man, for he is not lost, lest he wants to be.


Passing Trains

Understanding alone does not lend itself to enlightenment. Knowledge alone does not lend itself to wisdom. Compassion alone does not lend itself to sainthood. Where these three converge is the heart of true understanding, the heart of true wisdom and the heart of true compassion.

Through each of our experiences we create a picture, a picture of the human condition. Each is a unique opportunity for us all to learn from each other. The moment we discard someone’s experiences, someone’s path to understanding, we hinder ourselves from a greater understanding of the truth.

It is boundless, unconstrained by the bindings of a book, a prayer, the written word and the spoken word.  To seek a path closer to the divine, is to understand that each individual’s path is a personal and intimate relationship. It is a relationship with all that is and will be. And so when we seek solace in solitude or solace in our own path, we must remember that just outside, the universe is waiting. The divine is waiting.

Where our paths meet, another begins.


Comfort in the Divine

Would you be so bold so as to speak for God/Allah? Are you so comfortable in knowing the Divine, that you would disregard your brothers and sisters? Would you deny another’s personal relationship with God at the risk of forsaking your own? When the left damns the right and the right damns the left, will you go to the center? When the world is upside down and what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong, will you then question yourself? When the world and all that you know is spinning out of control, will you then take the time to peer into the stillness? When the waves have crashed and you have been obliterated, will you say that you have been reborn? Do not cry for the lost, lest you have given up on them. Do not damn the wicked, lest you have turned your back on them. Do not love them less, lest you have turned your back on yourself.


Persecuting the dEvil

good versus evilCan a person be holy and still persecute someone they deem evil? Can a person know love and then persecute someone for not finding love themselves? Can a person know love and then persecute someone when they find love in a different way? If the devil tried to teach you something, would you dismiss him simply because he was evil? If you didn’t take the time to know, could you ever find out?

Can a person know God and then proceed to tell another they did not? Can a person have a relationship with the Creator, and then wash their hands of His creations? Can a person know love, without knowing the Divine? Can a person love them self and still damn others for their beliefs?

Perhaps if we spent the time to understand others, we would not find it necessary to condemn someone for missing some mark. Perhaps if we really knew ourselves, we would not require others to subjugate their beliefs on our behalf. The dEvil goes by many a name, and yet so do We.


Divine Will

The divine will is not realized through knowledge alone. Knowledge without malice is compassion. Compassion without judgment is divine love.

What can be used to enslave can also be used to set free. What can be used to cause harm, can be used to heal. What can be used to exploit can also be used to show infinite wisdom. This life can be a playground, or it can be used as a classroom. One need not destroy the will of the other, for joy not only comes from playing, but also from learning.


The Root of It

Can you trace the root of what you know to a source? Can you trace the root of what you feel to a source? How far can you go? How far are you willing to go? Who is the definitive source? What is the definitive source? Many claim to know and many claim to understand, but how many are willing to say, “I don’t know. I don’t know, but I know what I feel.” We feel what we feel and no more. We think we know what we know and no more. When will you trust what you feel?


We Are

The proof is all of life and existence. We can do no more to prove that God exists than we can to prove we are not here, but that we are everywhere. It is not our purpose to prove that God or the Divine exists because what is shall always be regardless of one’s belief or efforts to convince otherwise. Words can do no justice. Symbols can do no justice. We are. We are everything and everyone. We are every thought and every spoken word. We are the past and we are the future. We are all that is and all there will ever be, and yet we are nothing and everything all at once. We are, and yet so are you.


The Conscious God

What is god for one is not good for all. We must remember that although we may each see God differently, and we may each call God by different names, we cannot fully know that which is all, until we know ourselves. When we know ourselves there will be no need to make others like us. There will be no need to convert one person from one belief to another, and no need to lambast someone for the beliefs they may hold dear. We are unique by design. Though my words may be different from yours and though my stories may be different from yours, we are very much the same. Created from the same breath, we each point the way.


Without Judgment

There will be many who claim things to be impossible. They will claim prior knowledge from past experiences or shared conversations. They may even mock and ridicule you for the things you say or do. Mind them not for what is in your heart is in your heart. What is in your soul is in your soul. Offer yourself as you are, without fear of recrimination. Offer that which is available for all to know, without prejudice. Offer the truth without judgment. Offer it without want for outcome. We are all reservoirs of knowledge. Created from the same breath, we are a divine expression. Take solace in being you for it should not be any other way. Although some may speak unkindly, and some may try to impede, they do nothing but hinder themselves. Walk the path of your heart for it should not be any other way.

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