Three Right Turns

When going around the block of life, three right turns doesn’t always make a circle. Sometimes we have to trust that God has a plan that we will not always understand. At different points in our life or our spiritual development, we may be blessed with glimpses.

These are just that, glimpses, because in a moment all that exists can be revealed and all that was unclear can be realized.

At each moment we have a choice. Sometimes those choices will not always make sense. We are passengers in life but we are not passive for our will is still our own until it is not so. We can trust in God, or we we can forge our own path. And though we may think our way is better, we may find ourselves at the same end, but on a path far more difficult than it needed to be.


Unfolding Story

When we look at other people and their standing in the world we often want to know how they got there. We compare ourselves but in doing so we can become envious. We see the part that we admire but what we often miss are the parts we would never want to trade when it comes to our own life.

When I stand back and I look at my life there are clear points that I can remember saying to myself, I am going to do that. I don’t know how I will get there, but I will do that. And sure enough, a path was laid. For that I am blessed.

I tell my son almost every other day, there are things we are each good at. We should never judge how good we are at something or our perceived successes against those of someone else. We don’t know what others have had to do to become who they are, and we shouldn’t neccessarily want to know. We should want to become ourselves. I tell him, don’t try to be me or anyone else. Be the best you. There is a plan for you. I dont know what it is. There is a plan for all of us. We just have to trust and have the patience to fully realize it.

It’s an unfolding story.


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