First Glimmer

When we grab for the first glimmer of understanding or truth we can get our hands on, we can trip on ourselves. With our focus on one word, one phrase, one page, or one book, we have closed our eyes to an entire world. We have closed ourselves from pieces of ourselves, each with something to show. In our haste, and in our desire to be first, or to be right, it is easy to overlook what lies just beyond, or right in front of us.

Perhaps no one is to say what is right versus what is wrong, for in the end we must be able to accept what sits in our own hearts. We must be able to accept our actions or inactions, and our thoughts, both constructive and destructive. It is difficult enough to find understanding in our own thoughts and actions, let alone in the thoughts and actions of others. If we can allow others the freedom to discover themselves, then maybe one day we can find a common understanding, an understanding that was always there, but just overlooked.


Finding Oneself Again

When we hold on to our own personal truths so tightly, it is easy to lose sight of the greater picture. In the hopes of justifying ourselves and our past actions, we can often overlook all that is around us. Clouded in our own beliefs, we can lose perspective as we begin to discount others including those we hold dear.

As we find ourselves in more self-isolation, we must ask whether we have really followed the truth, or forsaken it out of fear of being wrong, or pride for wishing to be in the right. As if to hold our arms crossed against our chest, we can often find ourselves defending something without asking “why?” Why if we have truly found inner peace do we defend something so strongly and disallow others from finding it themselves?

No amount of preaching, repetition, or immersion can force a person to understanding without first the will and the desire to understand. This comes differently in each person, but we must be patient enough to allow it to bloom in its own time and nurture it with love from all sides.


The Middle Path

Middle Road by Margarita GeorgiadisWe can ask others for a way out, but until we are ready to accept what our heart has to offer, no gem of truth will see its weight in gold. Until we can learn to accept what we know to be right, we will continue to wander and seek a path deeper into a forest of confusion that we create. When we hold our thumbs up as if to measure ourselves against another, we might as well chop off that thumb, for we measure ourselves against that which we do not know. Seeking the middle path is not always the same as seeking a path of understanding, for in seeking the middle path, we may compromise ourselves while at the same time turning our back on others. Fight not the rushing river. Scale not the steep cliffs. Seek a road to your heart. Seek a road to understanding.

painting credit: Middle Road by Margarita Georgiadis


Island of Peace

rock in the middle of a riverWhere there is chaos, bring peace.
Where there is hatred, bring love.
Where there is conflict, bring understanding.
Where there is pain, bring compassion.
Where there is confusion, bring calm.
Where there is despair, bring hope.


Sowing Confusion

sowing seedsIt serves no purpose to search for the truth if when you hear it you disregard it. It serves no purpose to search for the truth if when you find it; you turn it into something else. So many claim to know love. So many claim to understand. So many claim to accept others. So many claim to walk a path of peace. Yet despite all of this, the truth is bastardized to serve the purpose of fragile egos.

A person can be told the truth and the answer to all of life, but if one only chooses to listen with their mind, they do nothing to nourish their heart. Lost to the mind, a message need not travel farther than the original recipient before it is wrapped in confusion. Listen ye, for you need not look further than your own heart for the truth. It lay not in any book, nor in any one person, but is in everyone and everything. Look no further than your own heart for the truth, and speak not of absolutes lest you are absolute. Judge not the path of others lest you have walked in their shoes for surely all paths lead to One.


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