Planting a Seed

green light

This is dedicated to my mom who inspired this thought.

Several years ago while meditating I decided to ask God to show me Himself. I asked Him to show me what God is, and to remove any of my preconceived thoughts of God and of existence itself. I asked that any internal and external biases be removed so that I may come to understand.

As I asked this through my heart, I attempted to quiet my mind. What I experienced and what I saw I could not expect. With my eyes opened, I became blind. I could not see anything. Slowly my vision went, and everything became black. There was not even a hint of light. With my ears straining to hear any voice or sound, I could hear nothing. The buzzing of the street lights disappeared and the distant traffic became non-existent to my ears. I had become deaf. Next my racing mind seemed to pause. All thoughts sank away. Not even an image or random thought had crossed my mind. It was quiet, yet at the same time I was all too aware that it was quiet. It was not overwhelming. I was peace.

Not a worry had occupied me. As I became aware of this emptiness, this lack of sensation, I began to see a tunnel in my mind’s eye. At the end or perhaps it was the beginning, I saw what appeared to be a green light, beckoning, almost like a cocoon. With that, I began to hear again and I began to see again. The image had disappeared and thoughts came flooding back.

At the time this occurred, I thought I had understood what happened. I thought I knew what God or perhaps my inner self was trying to tell me. I found solace in this quietness, this communion of sorts. And yet today I found myself seeing more understanding in this experience. I found God to be everything, and at the same time I found God to be nothing. I found God to be peace, inner peace, a choice seemingly made by me, but not entirely by me. Perhaps like a seed in our heart, God is there waiting to be nurtured, waiting to show us our true selves, our true potential.

What or who is God to you?


Out of the Mouths of Babes

child: “What does it mean, God?”

parent: “I don’t know honey. What does ‘God’ mean to you?”

child: “God means to love yourself.”

Earlier this afternoon, I used the word “God” in front of my son, and the preceding conversation ensued. Initially when my son asked me the meaning of God, I hesitated to give him an answer because I wanted him to form his own belief. I wanted him to come to his own understanding without being spoon fed my beliefs or the beliefs of my wife and our families. Little did I know that he would teach me. At four years old, he was very matter of fact, as if to say, “Dad, you are looking too hard. It’s right there in front you.” And so he was right. Love yourself.


Comfort in the Divine

Would you be so bold so as to speak for God/Allah? Are you so comfortable in knowing the Divine, that you would disregard your brothers and sisters? Would you deny another’s personal relationship with God at the risk of forsaking your own? When the left damns the right and the right damns the left, will you go to the center? When the world is upside down and what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong, will you then question yourself? When the world and all that you know is spinning out of control, will you then take the time to peer into the stillness? When the waves have crashed and you have been obliterated, will you say that you have been reborn? Do not cry for the lost, lest you have given up on them. Do not damn the wicked, lest you have turned your back on them. Do not love them less, lest you have turned your back on yourself.


Persecuting the dEvil

good versus evilCan a person be holy and still persecute someone they deem evil? Can a person know love and then persecute someone for not finding love themselves? Can a person know love and then persecute someone when they find love in a different way? If the devil tried to teach you something, would you dismiss him simply because he was evil? If you didn’t take the time to know, could you ever find out?

Can a person know God and then proceed to tell another they did not? Can a person have a relationship with the Creator, and then wash their hands of His creations? Can a person know love, without knowing the Divine? Can a person love them self and still damn others for their beliefs?

Perhaps if we spent the time to understand others, we would not find it necessary to condemn someone for missing some mark. Perhaps if we really knew ourselves, we would not require others to subjugate their beliefs on our behalf. The dEvil goes by many a name, and yet so do We.


Prayer, Meditation with Purpose

people in prayerThe power of prayer does not come from how many times we recite a prayer. The power of prayer does not come from how many people pray for the same outcome. It does not come from facing Mecca, or facing the Wailing Wall. The power of prayer does not come from sitting in a church or peering through a glass floor at the supposed birthplace of Jesus. It does not come from ringing bells, or lighting candles. The power of prayer does not come from intermediaries such as saints or devotees. The power of prayer comes from one’s true intent. Prayer is like having an intimate relationship with the Creator. Prayer allows one to speak directly with God/Allah to give thanks, or to ask for guidance. Prayer allows for communing with all that is. Prayer is meditation with purpose. Prayer is peaceful awakening.


If Your Heart Were Truly Open

If your heart were truly open it could never be denied. Once the doors of your heart are open, they can never be shut. Once the eyes have seen, the ears have heard, and soul has sung, it cannot be taken back. There is hate in this world, and yet all is just. There is sadness in this world, and yet all is just. There is death in this world, and yet all is just. There suffering in this world, and yet all is just. Reach further and you will experience the happiness. Reach further and you will experience the joy. Reach further and you will experience creation. Reach further and you will experience the compassion. Look inside your heart, and the world is just.

When hope comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.
When peace comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.
When love comes upon you, do not embrace it, for it is meant to be shared.


We Are

The proof is all of life and existence. We can do no more to prove that God exists than we can to prove we are not here, but that we are everywhere. It is not our purpose to prove that God or the Divine exists because what is shall always be regardless of one’s belief or efforts to convince otherwise. Words can do no justice. Symbols can do no justice. We are. We are everything and everyone. We are every thought and every spoken word. We are the past and we are the future. We are all that is and all there will ever be, and yet we are nothing and everything all at once. We are, and yet so are you.


The Conscious God

What is god for one is not good for all. We must remember that although we may each see God differently, and we may each call God by different names, we cannot fully know that which is all, until we know ourselves. When we know ourselves there will be no need to make others like us. There will be no need to convert one person from one belief to another, and no need to lambast someone for the beliefs they may hold dear. We are unique by design. Though my words may be different from yours and though my stories may be different from yours, we are very much the same. Created from the same breath, we each point the way.


I Am

I am a contradiction.
I am an oxymoron.
I am a paradox.

I am the light.
I am the dark.
I am the in-between.

I am you and yet you are me.
I am the loving joy.
I am the angry snake.
I am everything and I am nothing.


There are No Crimes

When a person commits murder, is it not because he has forgotten what it means to love? When a life is taken, not only are the choices of that life removed from that person or creature, but the whole of creation is robbed of the lessons and the love that this individual provided?

When a person steals, is it not because he has forgotten that there is nothing to own? Is not all that we truly need provided freely? Surely there are those who would deny the less fortunate, but in truth, is it not true that all the things that sustain us are free?

When a person lies, is it not because he has forgotten that there are truly no secrets? When a lie is told, is it not done out of fear? Like children hiding from a punishment, is it not because we forget that we are always loved?

When a person mistreats another person or creature, is it not because he has forgotten who he is? Is not all of life connected? Do we not all affect each other? In truth, are we not all different faces of each other? And so in mistreating others, are we not casting stones at our self?

When we seek guidance away from God, have we not forgotten who has given us life? Have we not forgotten that although we may stray, He has kept a careful watch over us? Although we may choose to ignore His voice, is He not heard in the wind, and seen in the clouds and the heavens? Does He not show Himself among the trees and the abundance of this world? Are His songs not sung by the birds. In the things we see and do not see, is He not everywhere?

There are no crimes in this world. There is only love and whether we choose to accept it or not. There are no punishments, except for the punishments we put on ourselves. There is no anger, except for the anger we cannot let go. There is no hate, except for the hate we have for ourselves. There is love. There is compassion. There is acceptance. There is neither you and there is neither me. There are only us.

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