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Trust in the Lord
Healing Life
Compassionate Truth
Sacrificial Love
Arriving on Time
Created with Love
The Miracle We Seek
May I Find Peace
The Sick
Love is Like an Acorn
Living a Dream
All That is Beautiful
All the Faces Staring Back
Rescue Helicopter
Life’s Too Short
Man’s Words
The Blind
Rise Up!
Invite Others Into Your Home
Practice Giving
Indefensible or Away From the People
Unfinished Thoughts
Forgiveness From the Ashes
How to Keep a Smile
Transitory Experience
Realization of Self
Be Here Now
All Are Loved
Fool’s Peace
Millions of Pieces
Simply Me
Bend Me Break Me
I Am No Longer
On a Train
The Watcher
Broken Key
Passing Trains
Let it Burn
Stoning the Devil
The Nature of Man
Be Thankful

Mindful Spirit
Mindful Spirit
Mixed Messages
Sacrificing Dreams
Be You
Life’s Blessings
No Closer
Lashing Out at the Innocents
Long Suffering
Without Indignation
Pink Sky
Planting a Seed
Conscious Reminders
Let Us Cry Together
Easy to Compare
War and the Inner Monk
A Moment Not Judged is a Moment Lived
Future Flux
The Regret is Not Li(o)ving
Bringing Down a Phalanx
Patchwork Heart
Looking for Oracles
Burden or Gift
What is Right for One
Driving from the Backseat
First Glimmer
Finding Oneself Again
Cost of Happiness
Unfettered Ego
Discover it in You
Contradictory Forces
Predicting Chaos
Morally Complicated
Word Association
Driving Force
Diverging from Buddhism, Self-Immolation
The Procession
Concentric Circles
Water Rises
The Tribe of One
A Hunting We Will Go
1/12th Floor
No Tomorrow
Chasing Dreams
Haggard Soul
Beyond Reason
Perpetual Recrimination
Meditation Inside Out
When We Were Young
Sweetest Perfection
Withered Truth
My Strength, My Joy
The Sufi Way
In the Service of God
Escaping Justice
Photo Finish
You Are Not You (Neénüella)
Starting Over
Reconciling the Evils of Men and Women
Dog Pile
20 Questions
From All Sides
When the Water Flows
Be Yourself
Fullest Potential
Echo Chamber
The Great Pretender
Fighting Resentment
The Middle Path
Out of the Mouths of Babes
Sacred Cow
Rushing Inward and Outward
Everyone’s Got a Story

Unfolding Soul
Unfolding Soul
Learning to Live Again
Cornered Soul
All That You Need
The Apothecary’s Cabinet
Soiled Feet
Burying Hope
The Peril in Knowing
Have a Little Faith in Me
Remembering Humanity
Addicted to Suffering
Silent Lashes
Draw From the Well
Desert Light
Life in a Glass House
Walking Through Your Reflection
The Deer
Where is God?
Driving in Circles
Remove the Fear
Bring Peace to Your Heart
Personality Conflict
Caged Fear
Island of Peace
Peaceful Attainment
Set Them Free
One Heart, One Soul
Snake Oil Salesman
God Does Not Need a Megaphone
Not Guilty by Association
God Speaks in All of Us
Creative Will to Explore
Language of the Elders
Bathing in the Ganges
Comfort in the Divine
Persecuting the dEvil
Prayer, Meditation with Purpose
Lost Opportunities
Taking Notes
Word Games
Can You?
Meditate on This
Silence Misguided
Illusion Loves Company
Waves of Transformation
Spiritual Experience
You, Becoming Me
Revolving Door
Animal Kingdom
Golden Snake
Limitations of the Occult
Divine Will
Grant Me Strength
Carrying Stones
The Infinite Capacity
What They Choose
Rushing Toward the Light
If Your Heart Were Truly Open
Reset Button
Eternal Soul
Don’t Follow Me
Self Indulgent
When the Sea is on Fire, Love Enough
Slightest Imperfection
Falling Off a Cliff
Have Gratitude
The Root of It
30 Seconds of Nirvana
Catching Rainbows
Zero Sum
We Are
The Conscious God
Heart Song
Defining Moments
Stairs to Nowhere
Ripe Fruit
Life’s Excuses
Walk Through It
Let Yourself Be
There is No Loyalty

Awareness of the Heart
Awareness of the Heart
Peace Attainable
The Illusion of Illusion
Where Have You Gone?
Show Me
Stand Tall
Nothing Without You
To Be Heard
When the Blessings Run Dry
Honor Thy Creator
Break the Mold
Child, Listen!
Creating a New Totem
Many Times Over Shall We See
When it’s Not Easy
Bondage of Expectations
Into the Fold
Reflect on Life
A True Teacher
Blaming God
Summon Them Not
Beyond the Veils
Without Judgment
You Cannot Lead the Force to Halt
To the Wise
Look into My Soul
Watching Loved Ones
Invitation to Love
We All Need Each Other to Remember
I Am
To Know
Sowing Confusion
Concerto of Life
End Your Suffering
Live in Stillness
On Your Journey
Lost No More
Walk the Path
Live Love
“Psychic” Abilities
Convince Man of Nothing
If Jesus were Alive Today
Get the Balance Right
The Kingdom
There are No Crimes
Love, a Reward unto Itself
The Answer is a Simple One
All or None
The Difference Between Knowing and Understanding
The World is Just
Not All God’s Creation
No Shame
Never Missing
Nothing Good Comes from Violence
Seeing Eye to Eye
The Least Among Us
Sand Storm’s Delight
Threads of Rug
Learn to Love Yourself
Free Your Heart
Fighting Temptation
Thoughts on Vibrations
Rejoice with Me
On the Path I Travel
Sowing the Seeds
The World as it was Meant to be Seen
They Too Shall Know
We are One
Express Yourself
The Greatest Miracle of All
Walls that Confine
Love Each Other
Share Your Love
More than an Academic Exercise
Do Not Chastise Me
One Choice
Open Your Heart to the Multitude
Life with Blinders
Reliving the Past
Lost Prophet
Live Life Eternally
Building a Mystery
The Harvest
Soften Your Hearts
Blind Rituals
Guidance is Given to Everyone
Infidels! Terrorists! Extremists!
All the Money in the World
The Infinite Heart
Love Again
One Truth
Pursuit of Knowledge
Man Creates His Own Laws
Power of Love

Three Little Words
Divided We Fall
All That We Are

7 Billion
Serve Your Master

The Devil in You is the Devil in Me
The Wise Are Confused
The Truth Will Let Itself Be Known
Empty Words
Compassionate Heart
Life’s Splendor
God Talks to Everyone
Pearly Whites
Lost in the Desert
White Light Protection
Utopia Now
Blue Flashing Lights
Boring Life
Finding a Path
Turn Yourself Around
All a Dream
Philippines Flood Relief
Truth Divine
Have Mercy
His Language is Love
The Disconnect
What I Want for You
Not Enough to Tolerate
Not a Dream
Being Right
Bodhisattva Vow
Not All Meant to Be Known
Religious Zealot
What Would Jesus Do?
In His Image
And All Shall Turn to Dust
Dwell in Peace
Do Not Have Pity
Reflections of God
The Greater Good
All That You Know
The Chatter
Siren Song
The Path of Your Spirit
Wish Upon a Star
The Walk
Tears of Blood
White Elephant
Speed of Light
The Simple Truth
Caste Aside
No One Thing is Greater Than the Other
Sweet Divinity
Around the Bend
I Wear a Mask
Must Have Been an Interesting Book
Sustain Me
Lost in Self-Delight
On a Calm Ocean
All Our Struggles Would Fade
War of the Innocents
Connect the Dots
Not an Esoteric Riddle
Teacher! Teacher!
A Grand Ocean
What Do You See of Me?
Lift the Burden From Your Heart
What I Feel, Nothing More
Taking Responsibility
Do Not Castigate Them
Truth, an Expression of Love
Love Them
Not By Mistake
Spiritual Needle
Creating an Animal
Dead Silence
Among the Fray

Scales of Mercy

Are Your Ears Ringing

Biting the Head of Snake
Bitter Water
Limbo, From My Heart to Yours
Not So Random Words

Broken Glass

The Flyer Told Me

As it Should Be

Across the Table

Killing a Name


God Reveals, Man is but His Tool


Ley Lines

The Grudge
The Stirring Inside Me

Playing the Harp
Playing Hostage

No Anonymity
Spiritual Knowledge, a Right or Privilege?

To Agree or Disagree


Walls So High

Setting Out
From Behind the Fence
I See You Are
Blessed Be Your Life

Humble Beginnings

Four Corners of the Earth

No One to Blame
A Misguided Pope

Mountain Top
Surely As the Wind Blows
I Trust You
Remembering Who You Are

Do I Know You?
You Call Yourself a Guide
Reap the Whirlwind

Born Am I

He Who Thinks He Knows, Knows Not
By Will and By Choice

You Are Me


Keeping Up with the Jones’s
In the Pudding

Go Figure
False Enlightenment
Amazingly Amazed
He Said, She Said
Acting to React
Sidewalk Bends
Trust No One
When You Want to Be Loved
Come Out and Play
From Your Point of View
Because it Needed to Be Said
Sideswipe Bend
Let the River Flow
The Pretenders
Stand With Me
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Natural Selection
Critically Endangered
Golden Tongue
Making a Wager
And the Winner is…
I Am the Way I Am
Tomorrow’s a New Day
All That I Need
Walk in Step
The Two Sides of Knowledge
The World Stage
Oh Most Merciful
Waiting Room
No Longer a Fool
I’ll Trade You
Unless I Forget
And Then There Was Peace
If I Could Be You
From Many There Will Be One
Riddle Me This. Riddle Me That.
The Personals
I See You
Last is the First
Ghost of Christmas Present
I Am Who I Am
Let Life Be
Validation Required
Final Judgment
Giving Worth
My Savior
A Lot of Questions, No Answers
And I Quote
Who Gives a Care
Walking in Your Footsteps
Hope and Faith
Taking a Stroll
Justifiably Wrong
Stand Up
I Walk a Crooked Line
My Worth
Come In and Stay a While
How Can You Be Sure?
Until We Meet Again
Finite < Infinite
Shields Up
It Will Cost You
Hide and Go Seek
What If?
Smoores Anyone?
Admission Required
You Don’t Have to Carry the Weight
Don’t Let Life Pass You By
Silent No More
A Child So Innocent
Rest Stop
Thank You for Showing Me Who I Am
School of Life
I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep
Knick Knack
Knit me a Sweater
I Thought You Would Say That
That’s the Entire Story and I’m Sticking to It
My Song is Love
A Pilgrimage
You Can’t Fix Me
Burnt Toast
Keep Talking
The Road Doesn’t End When the Shovel Hits the Dirt
Credentials Please
Show Me the Way Home
Don’t Look Back in Anger
He Said What?
Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children – Says Who?
A Sign
So You Say
Stuck in Reverse
Fallible Me
Winter Isn’t Over
Sign Post
Rock the Boat
The Truth of It
Life From Fresh Eyes and Renewed Heart
Gust of Wind
Judge Me
When the World is Flipped on its Side
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Do Not Forget
Common People
Kaleidoscope Eyes
Heart Over Mind
Terminally Unique
For Today
Let us Remember
Inspired to Action
Admitting Error
If You Can Grab the Pebbles From My Hand
Mirror of Truth

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