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I Will Not Grieve

I will not grieve you. Your life is a celebration.
I do not worry about those you left behind. We’ll come and join you.
I will not remember you in old age. I see you only in your prime.
I will not remember you sick. I see you vibrant with energy.
May all those who love you find peace in their heart. May their memory of you bring them joy and comfort.
May life treat us all as gracefully as you have lived this life


Pray for Me

When you pray for me, do not wish for money or riches.
Instead, ask how you can help me. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone.

When you pray for me, do not wish away my pain or sorrow.
Instead, come to me and talk to me. Let me lean my head on your shoulder.

When you pray for me, do not wish for an outcome or a path you would see for yourself.
Instead, give me guidance. Let me choose even if that means I falter.

When you pray for me, come tell me that you love me.
Sometimes all I need is to know I am not alone.


A Message Lost

Christianity teaches love. Islam teaches love. Judaism teaches love. Buddhism teaches love. Most major religions teach love, but they are hijacked by those in power who only want more power.

They call themselves priests. They call themselves imams. They call themselves rabis. Not all, but many want power. They want power over your wallet and over your mind. They enrich themselves and rather than guiding their flock towards peace, they guide them towards war against their own brothers and sisters.

No matter how much we want to blame religion or someone else, they are not the enemy. It is ourselves for allowing our fears and others to guide us. God guides us all, but if we shut Him out through fear, hate, anger or jealousy, then we allow those voices and those influences to take root. We are and have become our own worse enemy.


Blessings of the Homeless

When many view the homeless, at the very worst they are viewed as a blight and as a nuisance. They are the undesirables. At the very best, they’re seen as people needing to be saved or helped. They are viewed with pity.

We think that on any particular day if we just help one we’ll somehow remove the guilt for not stopping long enough to truly care. We see ourselves as some blessing this person has been waiting for all day. We give, but we often do it with hesitation. What if this person does drugs? What if this person is just going to waste it? What if this person isn’t really homeless?
We see ourselves as a blessing to the homeless person, but we never turn the question around. What if in reality this homeless person is a blessing for us?

The homeless teach us humility. They teach us kindness. They teach us compassion. They remind us of humanity, and how often and how easy it is to lose it. Let us not forget. Let us be thankful.


Infinite Possibilities

The future you realize is dependent on the present you realize. There are infinite presents.



The pause is not really a pause. There is only this realization and that realization.


Infinite Beginnings

There is a string that ties people and events together. What are seemingly disjointed events, is one carefully orchestrated puzzle. Pull the string, and everything is shifted in that direction. We like to tell ourselves that life is a surprise, that we could not have predicted the drama or the chaos that accompanies our actions. When we stop to pay attention, we can see how all of our past actions have brought us to where we are today.

Things that we did weeks, months or even years ago, echo for eternity. In the moment that we make those decisions, life can often seem cloudy and unclear. Our fears prevent us from looking forward. When we are able to remove those fears, and drop our judgments and expectations, our decisions become clear. The path becomes clear. Our actions become clear even before we know and realize that they have become choices.

There is clarity in that moment, but do not revel long in this realization, because as soon as we do so, we have made a judgment against our actions, and what was known is no longer. Actions exist in that moment, but they are only for that moment. The realization is not the end. Neither is the action. They are infinite beginnings.


The Narrow Path

When we see others in various states of awareness our ego tells us we must bring others to our level of understanding. We judge the experiences that have brought a person to their way of understanding and we question it’s authenticity.

We judge the way a person prays, the way they worship and the way they seek understanding. We judge others by our own standards but we never ask what brings us together. Our paths cross and yet we only see differences.

We see a narrow path where there is an open meadow. There is no you and me. There is simply us communing.



There are an infinite amount of doors, and yet they lead to the same place. We need not walk through every door that opens nor stop at the first.

When we walk through enough, we will find that we did not need to take a step in the first place. We will see that there was no door and no other side.

The mind grapples for its relevance. The conscious mind tries to bring order to what it thinks lacks order. It sees levels and barriers that do not exist. It seeks self-preservation through control.

To go beyond the conscious mind does not require that we ignore it or destroy it. It is one of many voices and yet there is just One voice.


What we Seek

The supernatural does not confer a secret knowledge or power. We must ask ourselves what it is we seek. When we seek the truth and try to put it into words, it has already changed. When we seek to change others, the message is no longer the same.

We must ask ourselves what can be gained. Does it draw humanity closer together or are we just looking to stand apart. If you find yourself denigrating another person or their beliefs, perhaps it is not the other who we should be questioning, but ourselves.

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