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May I Find Peace

Lord may I find peace in the part of my heart that I call my own.
Lord may I find peace in the part of my heart that I call yours.
Lord may I find peace in the part of my heart that belongs to all.
Lord may I know no difference between the three.


No Closer

Jacob's LadderA priest is no closer to God than a child with little knowledge of the world about him. A person who goes to church every day of every week is no closer to heaven than a person who seeks solace in the dwelling of their own heart. A person who has committed prayers to memory is no closer to having their prayers fulfilled than one who speaks candidly and without fanfare.

Kind words do not a person make. Great deeds and connections in high places do not a person make. We are on equal footing. No man or woman, whatever creed or stature, comes before the next. The line to the gates of heaven are made no closer by the volume of our prayers, or by our perceived connection to Creation. We are as One regardless of our understanding of it and any desire to exclude others from it. For in chastising others, or in celebrating our perceived standing, we have done nothing but separated ourselves. We have become divided amongst ourselves and within ourselves.

Bring peace to the world by seeing the peace within. Bring joy to the world by seeing the joy within. Bring understanding to the world by understanding yourself. Bring love to the world by loving yourself. One drop at a time, one soul at a time, we are united and we are One.


Prayer, Meditation with Purpose

people in prayerThe power of prayer does not come from how many times we recite a prayer. The power of prayer does not come from how many people pray for the same outcome. It does not come from facing Mecca, or facing the Wailing Wall. The power of prayer does not come from sitting in a church or peering through a glass floor at the supposed birthplace of Jesus. It does not come from ringing bells, or lighting candles. The power of prayer does not come from intermediaries such as saints or devotees. The power of prayer comes from one’s true intent. Prayer is like having an intimate relationship with the Creator. Prayer allows one to speak directly with God/Allah to give thanks, or to ask for guidance. Prayer allows for communing with all that is. Prayer is meditation with purpose. Prayer is peaceful awakening.


Grant Me Strength

A prayer:

Grant me strength that I may may accept love through my heart.
Grant me strength that I may share the love in my heart.

During my times of weakness, allow me to remember who I am.
During times of strength, allow me to help others remember who they are.

During times of conflict allow others to see how they have affected me.
During times of conflict allow me to see how I have affected others.



women in prayerReligion is not a compulsion towards God. Neither is God a compulsion towards religion. Man has made religion a tool. It is a crutch for some, and for others still, a club to beat the weak. Understanding of the divine does not come from inclusion or exclusion from any group. Neither does it come from the adoration of statues or the creation or recitation of the countless names for the divine. Creation was not made for a narcissistic God. It was created simply from love. How one treats this word or idea is up to each person. Though some may reject it, while others embrace it, it is up to each individual. There is no compulsion. Love, like God, is an invitation. It does not need to conquer. It does not need to yell or berate. It does not need to boast or put others down. Love is understanding in the divine.


Concerto of Life

Brian Stone conducts the UD Orchestra and Schola Cantorum
Brian Stone conducts the UD Orchestra and Schola Cantorum

The path we choose to understanding is only as long as we choose to make it. In the path of the spirit, there are many self-proclaimed masters, prophets, wise men and learned men. Each seems to have his flavor of the truth, and his method for discovering enlightenment. Some prescribe meditation techniques. Others prescribe prayers or amulets. Some defer to the guidance of spirits, angels and so-called guides, while others still, defer to men who have come before them. Though some may speak in absolutes, who is right is anyone’s guess. Few, if any, will say they do not know, and can only tell of their own experiences. Fewer still will admit that what has been given to them is attainable by all.

The path to understanding is a personal one. Life is like a personal concert, a song between the Creator and each of His creations. Together we are harmonious. Each person, each creation, each instrument, plays its part in the grand arrangement that is life. So although some may try to tempt you to take another path, or to walk a moment with them on their path, your path is your path. The path to understanding is as long or as short as you choose to make it.


Fighting Temptation

Pray. With pure intent from your heart, your prayers and your thoughts are heard. Do not see them as enemy for they are you. There is no separation from they who wish to do you harm. There is no separation from those who would try to drive you to fear. They are you. They are scared and yet they do not know it. They have lost their way. As evil as they may be and as wicked as the thoughts and images they show may be, forgive them, for they truly have forgotten. Love them. Shine a light on them. Allow them to remember.

Ye shall reap what ye sow. Sow the seeds of love and the fruit shall be bountiful. Sow the seeds of hate and anger, and ye shall cry forever more.


Blind Rituals

Five Pillars of Islam

Is praying five times a day more important or is our relationship with God more important? Is fasting and abstaining from certain foods and activities more important, or is our relationship with God more important? Is making a pilgrimage to a holy site more important, or is our relationship with God more important? Is tithing and giving a certain percentage of our income more important, or is it the intent that drives the giving more important? In many religions there are rituals that we follow. Some are done because they are deemed as laws handed down by God. Some are done because it has been done for centuries. And still some are done because religious leaders say they should be done. How do we know who is right? Everyone has been following the same way for as long as anyone can remember, so how can it be any different? Could it be that the actions themselves are not so important, but instead it is the intent that drives them?

When we pray or meditate is the reason to ask for something for ourselves or for someone else, or is it to give ourselves to God? In prayer do we not bear ourselves to God? Do we not unload our worries and give our thanks for the life we live and the things that are given to us? Do we not ask for guidance and perhaps assistance in our daily lives? In doing these things, are we not building a relationship with God?

When fasting or abstaining from sex, do we do these things because it is said we should? What is the purpose? Is it not to remind us of the many blessings that God has given us and also of the many distractions that divert us from Him? Is it not to show us that if we build a proper relationship with God that nothing can distract us, neither the temptation of physical gratification, or the hunger pangs that our body might feel?

When giving to the poor, does one do it because they are made to do it? Is it done out of obligation or out of the kindness and generosity of one’s heart? If a person gives and then counts their losses, are they giving freely for lack of want, or out of the expectation of a divine reward? In giving freely, are we not reminded of our own blessings? In giving freely, are we not reminded that the shoe could be on the other foot?

Instead of blindly following rituals and laws written by men long before we can ever remember, perhaps it’s time to ask why we do the things we do? Perhaps it’s time to build our own relationship with God. Instead of chastising others for how they choose to worship God, perhaps it’s time to start looking at ourselves.


Making a Wager

Why is it some need an intermediary in order to pray or speak to God? Does God not hear us all? Do we not all have access to God through our hearts? Does he not see, and hear and know what we do, even before we act. If we all have a personal connection with God, then why must we pray to others so that they may in turn pray for us on our behalf? Do these people, past or present, saints, priests or holy men, carry special weight with God? Are their prayers and requests bumped to the front of the queue? Are their titles not bestowed to them by man? Why does man go to any other when he can go straight to the Source? If these saints, or holy people do not hold special weight, then why should one go through them in order to speak with God?

Some say that just because they pray to saints or an intermediary does not mean that they lack faith in God, but I ask you, deep within your heart do you truly believe that? Are your faith and your belief in God as true to your heart as you say, or do you have doubt? Do you doubt God will hear your message? Do you believe that because another prays for you that your message will be heard over another’s prayers, or that the message will be made more clear. Do not our hearts speak louder than any voice? If you are trying to cover bases, does that not mean you do not know what you believe? Does that not mean you are covering all bets in case you make the wrong choice?

Is that a bet you want to make?


Admission Required

It is interesting to see how many churches and religions say they accept the other, but then they turn their back to those who believe differently. Each claims their rightful place as the definitive church. Today that was repeated when the pope issued a statement essentially saying that the Catholic Church is the only real church because it claims to be able to trace its lineage back to Jesus, and that Jesus created the first church.

Did Jesus really create the first church? I don’t seem to recall Jesus building monuments to his belief system, nor do I seem to remember Jesus trying to divide people. If I remember correctly, he gathered with everyone who would care to gather with him to pray the lord’s prayer. It seems to me those who would dare to lead have forgotten that. It seems to me that those who would dare to lead have forgotten that they have a flock to tend to. It seems to me some think they are above others.

In all religions there is this habit of looking at past doctrine. But how far do they look back? Do they only look back enough so that they feel comfortable in their own beliefs, or do they truly try to understand what was taught before them? Why the old testament and new testament? Why keep some books and writings and reject others? Who says one is holier than the other? What do they hide? Do they hide the truth? Do they even ask themselves if what they hide is the truth? What are they afraid of if not losing their power, or their influence over the people? If one spoke the truth, would they not gather people to them and not away? You can’t claim to preach love with one hand and then use the other to divide. Or rather you can, but I wouldn’t want to have to answer for that one.

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