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Invisible Man

The dreams are not you. You are you. Can you see yourself, or are you invisible? There are those who walk among us. They search in trash cans. They ask for money or food. Their voices are not heard and they are often ignored.

Don’t walk pass them as if they were not there. You may choose not to see them, but they see you. They see the fear in your heart. They see the illusion that has become life. Wake up from this dream. Wake up from this illusion.


Unfolding Story

When we look at other people and their standing in the world we often want to know how they got there. We compare ourselves but in doing so we can become envious. We see the part that we admire but what we often miss are the parts we would never want to trade when it comes to our own life.

When I stand back and I look at my life there are clear points that I can remember saying to myself, I am going to do that. I don’t know how I will get there, but I will do that. And sure enough, a path was laid. For that I am blessed.

I tell my son almost every other day, there are things we are each good at. We should never judge how good we are at something or our perceived successes against those of someone else. We don’t know what others have had to do to become who they are, and we shouldn’t neccessarily want to know. We should want to become ourselves. I tell him, don’t try to be me or anyone else. Be the best you. There is a plan for you. I dont know what it is. There is a plan for all of us. We just have to trust and have the patience to fully realize it.

It’s an unfolding story.


Trust in the Lord

Trust in the lord, that you may find your calling.
Trust in the lord, that you may find shelter above your head.
Trust in the lord, that your health shall afford you a good life.
Trust in the lord.

Bring faith to those who have lost all hope.
Bring faith to those who have forgotten.
Bring faith to those who have forsaken life.
Bring faith.

Give strength to those who need it most.
Give strength to those who would see themselves weak.
Give us strength.


The Miracle We Seek

The miracle we want is not always the miracle we receive. Sometimes we get more, a lot more. If we are always looking for the one thing we think we missed, we miss out on everything else. We miss the prayers, support and compassion. We miss the open hearts, thoughts and smiles. We miss the breath of life and the joy of waking up. We miss the lessons learned.

Miracles are all about us. We give them different names sometimes calling it luck or coincidence We attribute it to happenstance, science or a myriad of other things. It doesn’t matter what we call it or even how we describe it.

What matters is how we choose to live life. What matters is how we continue to treat each others and how we treat ourselves.

Live with compassion. Be forgiving. Love. Heal.


May I Find Peace

Lord may I find peace in the part of my heart that I call my own.
Lord may I find peace in the part of my heart that I call yours.
Lord may I find peace in the part of my heart that belongs to all.
Lord may I know no difference between the three.


Living a Dream

Chicken DreamEveryone has a dream of what makes their life perfect, that is until someone opens their mouth and your dream is replaced by something else. The ambitions of this life and one’s life purpose are not always the same. Like oil and water, they don’t always quite mix. Often we let the desires of this life take over our better judgment. We make dreams for ourselves and so easily we let them be replaced by what others would have for themselves.

Life is on a constant collision course. It seems scary but it really does not have to be. Like staring into a dream-scape, we are constantly balancing what we can achieve, and what we want, with what we need. We always tell ourselves that there is room for more even when right beside us, there is someone clinging on to life by a thread.

There is always more, but at what expense? And at whose expense? We can try to mask the heartache, but it’s there like a festering wound. It’s easy to say that no one else matters, but deep down, we know we’ve hurt ourselves more than what we can always understand.

We question and then we put aside. We question and then we put aside. We do this until it hurts so much that we have to act. All the while, life has passed us by and we wonder what happened to our dreams. What happened to our life.

It’s always been there. We just have to live it.


Life’s Too Short

Whether you believe there is a life after this life or not, the fact that this life is short is a certainty. In fact some use this as their mantra for all that they do in this life. “This life is short, so why not?,” or “Life’s too short, so let’s do…” Fill in the blank. No one denies that we should not let the worries of this life weigh us down, but the fact that life is short is not an excuse to not care.

It is not an excuse to harm, disparage or walk over others. It is not a license to run life rough shot over the lives of others. We affect each other. Whether we are family or strangers to each other, or whether we are separated by oceans, borders or even by generations, the things we do affect each other. Reality is not all that we see and it is certainly more than we often choose to see.

These things may not make a person care any more than perhaps they should, but it should make one question. What am I running from? What am I hiding? Why do I fear? There is no rush to death. There is no rush to happiness. There is no rush to love for you are already there. You have never left. Stop hiding. Stop running. Stop fearing. Life’s too short.


Man’s Words

Man can seemingly create the most eloquent words, words that flow like a river and grow and blossom into beautiful flowers. At the same time, man’s downfall is that he can also swallow his own poison. Words and thoughts flow, but he does not stop long enough to fathom from where they come.

Thoughts and creation do not come from the mind alone, for no thought is born unto itself. But when man falls prey to his own ego, he becomes his worst enemy. He see’s himself a hypocrite. He becomes all consuming, creator of beauty and creator of despair. He is the creator of none.

When man can set himself aside, there is only the flower. From each branch, many more flowers are born. But do not discard the man, for even he can become a flower.


How to Keep a Smile

Expect nothing of others, let alone oneself. Each person, each creature is an individual with their own needs and desires. What may seemingly be right for one may not be right for all, or even for ourselves in another moment in time.

Take each moment as it comes and treat every experience as a new one. Treat each interaction, whether it is with a stranger, someone you love or even with someone with whom you do not normally get along, as if it were the first interaction. Do not become a stranger but rather walk with an open mind and heart that you may always walk away with God’s or the universe’s best intentions realized.

Do not condemn before giving life and others a chance. Do not walk in blindness. Open the eyes of your soul that you may see the light of life in every being and in all that you do.


Transitory Experience

Much like death, life is a transitory experience. The lines that separate life, death and the “next life” are blurred at best, marked by tears of misunderstanding and memories as blurred as the lives they separate. Memories become placeholders, but more importantly they become lessons, not just for this life but for all of whom you would share your life.

Each life, each soul, not only becomes a library of lessons but a testament of the divine for we are all witness to the divine in every waking and no(n/w) waking moment. We are witness to the divine unfolding.

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