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Closer to You

My experiences are my own. I would not trade one sleepless night.
My experiences are my own. They have led me to be who I am.
My experiences are my own. I could not imagine it any other way.
My experiences are my own. They have brought me closer to you.


Grasping Hand

You cannot grasp with your hands that which you do not understand. Like catching water with your fist, let it flow. Do not try to hold onto today. It is already tomorrow. Do not look to tomorrow. You are here.




In 2008 I had a vision during the invasion of Georgia by Russia. In it I saw an ambulance carrying wounded being attacked and destroyed by a rocket propelled grenade as a soldier attacked an ambulance. After seeing this, the next morning, I immediately searched the internet for any news I could find on such an event. I could find nothing, but till this day the image is clear as day as well as the emotion that came with it.

All these years I have shared this with only one other person. At the time I was weary of why I would see such a thing. Every day we are witnesses to events, many of them abhorrent and gruesome. But for those things that we see before us, we must act.

It is not enough to know that it is wrong in our heart. We are not only all witnesses to each other, but we are also caretakers. We see things everyday and we bite our tongues. We shake our heads in disgust. We tell ourselves that if it were us we would do different, and we can do different. We can be different by helping, by speaking up, by giving support and by doing a multitude of things other than just watching. We can communicate in order to understand our differences. We can help someone instead of judging them. We can aide those who suffer instead of watching them from the sidelines.

It doesn’t take much, because if we all do it, if we all cared just a little bit, we would remind ourselves that even in what seems like a chaotic world, everything will be okay. Humanity is not lost. It is just forgotten.


Gnashing of Teeth

We spend so much time making ourselves the best we can be at work that we forget to work on other parts of ourselves. We neglect our soul until it is almost too late. It is soul crushing to realize how much of our self is lost. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Some say there should be balance between the spiritual and material world, but if we understand our purpose and we understand our existence, there is no balancing game that will satisfy our spirit.

We are always compromising ourselves. Like the gnashing of food between our teeth we are destroyed and unrecognizable. As I write this I transposed the word “good” for “food” and that is so apt because when we neglect our soul the good in us is torn apart.

It’s so difficult to turn back, to return to who we were or who we thought we were. Maybe that is okay because who would want to return to a state of so-called balance that never really worked anyway. We must strive for better. We must strive to live as we were meant to live, with the betterment of all at the forefront instead of just the betterment ourselves in this material world for there is no substitution for nourishing our soul. Sooner or later it cries out and something must break.

How we respond afterward is what matters, and not always how we got there. It is in this realization that we must answer for our actions or inaction to our Beloved.


Arriving on Time

When we look for fault, it is fault we find. When we look for blame, it is blame we find. When we look for disappointment, it is disappointment we will find. We spend our time destroying , deconstructing and rebuilding only to repeat the process.

Everything is whole all of the time. It is how we decide to view the world around us that will dictate our happiness. We can see the incomplete and disjointed parts, or we can choose to see everything for what it is and when it is.

Nothing is late or too late, for when we concentrate on trying to get to the next destination, we miss the lesson. We miss the journey and the company. We are in a hurry to get to nowhere because we are already there.


Created with Love

We are created with love. It is a hope that we live a life full of love, and a pass from this life, loved for all that we were and will be.

Love is universal and all encompassing and yet it is feared. It is a misunderstood. Since the dawn of man’s existence, he has committed crimes against humanity in the name of love. Man has taken life, and has waged war all in the guise of love, but it is not the love of God, or the selfless love of another, that drives one to unconscionable acts. It is the love of greed, the love of ego, the love of self and of power, absolute, that drives one to warp and pervert the innocent.

Buried by pain, anguish and a perceived sense of loss, the thing we seem to fear the most, is what we need above all. We are loved and it is okay to remember. We are wanted and it is okay to smile. We are remembered and it is okay to laugh.


The Miracle We Seek

The miracle we want is not always the miracle we receive. Sometimes we get more, a lot more. If we are always looking for the one thing we think we missed, we miss out on everything else. We miss the prayers, support and compassion. We miss the open hearts, thoughts and smiles. We miss the breath of life and the joy of waking up. We miss the lessons learned.

Miracles are all about us. We give them different names sometimes calling it luck or coincidence We attribute it to happenstance, science or a myriad of other things. It doesn’t matter what we call it or even how we describe it.

What matters is how we choose to live life. What matters is how we continue to treat each others and how we treat ourselves.

Live with compassion. Be forgiving. Love. Heal.


Love is Like an Acorn

Acorns on the GroundLove is like an acorn. Many acorns drop to the ground from high up above. Some are buried. Some are taken by squirrels and other critters as sustenance. Others still fall onto infertile soil.

Every once in a while a great fire comes and ravages the entire forest. Nothing is quite the same. Charred tree tops and a blackened expanse are left in its wake. There is devastation. But under all that smoldering, and in the midst of all that seems hopeless, what was destructive has actually brought life and rejuvenation.

The fire in all its destruction has allowed some acorns to crack open and for seeds to be planted. And from these seeds, mighty oaks will grow. Into the sky like majestic reminders, they breathe life, and restore the beauty that was always there, the beauty that was never lost.



When we read or see inspirational pieces of work, whether it’s a painting, sculpture or piece of writing, it’s easy to make the assumption that the person at the other end is somehow more knowledgeable, special or infallible in some way. From where must this inspiration come, many may ask. Does it come from a life of perfect bliss, an idealized reality or is it the result of living some pious and godly lifestyle?

It’s easy to think we are not worthy of some connection to our Creator, that what we’ve done in this life pales in comparison to what others may have done before us or what others seemingly do everyday. None of us are out of reach of the divine. We often see ourselves as separate and in many ways undeserving, but it is this imperfection that shows us the better side of who we can be and who we are.

Beauty is behind everything, even in the things we consider ordinary. But it is when we can take this beauty and be thankful for it, and show others how they too can have appreciation for what they have in themselves, that the true beauty of any work lies.


Life’s Too Short

Whether you believe there is a life after this life or not, the fact that this life is short is a certainty. In fact some use this as their mantra for all that they do in this life. “This life is short, so why not?,” or “Life’s too short, so let’s do…” Fill in the blank. No one denies that we should not let the worries of this life weigh us down, but the fact that life is short is not an excuse to not care.

It is not an excuse to harm, disparage or walk over others. It is not a license to run life rough shot over the lives of others. We affect each other. Whether we are family or strangers to each other, or whether we are separated by oceans, borders or even by generations, the things we do affect each other. Reality is not all that we see and it is certainly more than we often choose to see.

These things may not make a person care any more than perhaps they should, but it should make one question. What am I running from? What am I hiding? Why do I fear? There is no rush to death. There is no rush to happiness. There is no rush to love for you are already there. You have never left. Stop hiding. Stop running. Stop fearing. Life’s too short.

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