In 2008 I had a vision during the invasion of Georgia by Russia. In it I saw an ambulance carrying wounded being attacked and destroyed by a rocket propelled grenade as a soldier attacked an ambulance. After seeing this, the next morning, I immediately searched the internet for any news I could find on such an event. I could find nothing, but till this day the image is clear as day as well as the emotion that came with it.

All these years I have shared this with only one other person. At the time I was weary of why I would see such a thing. Every day we are witnesses to events, many of them abhorrent and gruesome. But for those things that we see before us, we must act.

It is not enough to know that it is wrong in our heart. We are not only all witnesses to each other, but we are also caretakers. We see things everyday and we bite our tongues. We shake our heads in disgust. We tell ourselves that if it were us we would do different, and we can do different. We can be different by helping, by speaking up, by giving support and by doing a multitude of things other than just watching. We can communicate in order to understand our differences. We can help someone instead of judging them. We can aide those who suffer instead of watching them from the sidelines.

It doesn’t take much, because if we all do it, if we all cared just a little bit, we would remind ourselves that even in what seems like a chaotic world, everything will be okay. Humanity is not lost. It is just forgotten.

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    Only we can free ourselves from tyranny. We are the tyrants of our own soul....

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