flood prophecyThe idea of prophecy has captured the minds of many over the ages. From religious and ancient texts to self-proclaimed psychics and seers to seemingly miraculous personal experiences, men and women from cultures around the world have contemplated its purpose and power. From seeing, whether in the waking state or sleeping state, to feeling, physically and or emotionally, the experience and idea of prophecy has left many to question their faith, the workings of the universe and sometimes one’s very own sanity.

For many people, the future is thought to be unknowable, but bound by something we call “time.” Just out of view it serves as inspiration, and hope for something better. It serves as motivation for improving one’s current state of existence. For others, the future is thought to be knowable, but only in dribs and drabs. Sometimes dreamlike, it entices the seer. What could be the reason for having a glimpse into the future? Is it really the future that is being seen, or has all of this happened before?

Regardless of whether what is seen serves as a warning or a fanciful “what if” moment, the experience often serves as a reminder of the mysteries that surround us. When one sees what they perceive as the future, are they an observer, or do they remain an active participant in their own lives? The idea of free will comes into question and suddenly one is thrust into contemplating a future and life that has already been predetermined. If life and existence itself were predetermined, is the value of life suddenly cheapened? Is birth, death and all that comes in between simply a formality?

Perhaps the question of predetermination and free-will are more a matter of perception than practicality. For many the idea of a predetermined life is slavery draped in different clothes. For others it is the acceptance of choices made long ago, but also made in this very moment. What if every choice, and every choice resulting from that choice, and so on, for all possible choices of every creation, existed all at once? What if like the threads of a blanket, by pulling and manipulating one thread, each thread of that blanket were affected? And so in being able to understand one choice, one has the ability to understand all other choices affected by that single choice and all other choices before it.

In that breathe, perhaps the past, present and future are all the same, existing simultaneously, although for many, experienced one at a time. Like a series of dominoes in every which direction that fall and reset themselves, the past, present and future are continuously unfolding. From the view of the domino it only knows itself, and what comes immediately before and after it. When seen together, one path is realized, and sometimes more than one path is realized at a given time. Which is the present? Which is the past? Which is the future? Does it matter?

When our choices are realized, maybe it is not the order in which they are seen that matters, but rather what is learned or understood in that moment. Like an intricate dance, all of existence is being expressed, and what we choose to see is up to us. Suddenly the power of prophecy lay not in the future, but in understanding the eternal now.


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  • Slorri July 1st, 2011 at 9:25 am #1

    Good thoughts these. And to widen the mystery even further, if all time, past present and future, is the same, as space exist all at once here and there, and we sense that these are endless, we have an endless existence happening all at once for ever.

    But in practicality the individual, the awareness, is voluntarily trapped in this the lowest realm of hardship.

    Extension in time and space is needed for existence, and it’s quite hard to break.

  • sidewalk_bends July 1st, 2011 at 5:01 pm #2

    Maybe that is a mistake to assume that this is the lowest realm (assuming there are levels), and also that it is a hardship? Just as you suggested that this awareness is voluntary, perhaps seeing this as a hardship is also voluntary. We can also choose to see it as a great gift, or any number of things. Perhaps at any moment, and not just death, we can choose to see beyond this awareness.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Watcher01 July 3rd, 2011 at 2:11 pm #3

    Interesting blog, very.
    If those who passed had disabilities and illnesses and they have no such thing when they pass then this world is actually an illusion of lessons?
    Off what your taught and what you seek, one can seek beyond a Truth can one not?
    And in seeking beyond the obvious is a diversion?

  • Watcher01 July 3rd, 2011 at 2:15 pm #4

    In reflection could we not be the lowest of creation if we see pain and suffering other than a lesson, when other creation just deal with their situation as it comes?
    They move on without looking back, but learn from those lessons and keep moving forward.

  • sidewalk_bends July 3rd, 2011 at 5:56 pm #5

    Yes! I sometimes feel that many of us seek beyond the Truth and as such we create diversions for ourselves. I know this is true of myself at times. Some speak about circles and repeating cycles in life. If one were to take those circles and shrink them down, we would be left with a single point. And in shrinking that circle, perhaps we would realize that the diversions we entertain are unnecessary. Our path shortens. That is not to say that those diversions and lessons learned from them are useless, but rather we make things more difficult on ourselves, than as you said, moving on from them as other creatures do.

    Interestingly you and Slorri brought up the idea of this being the lowest form of hardship or creation. I was attempting to discuss something similar with a swami who proposed that other creatures were lower forms of life than humans. He had suggested that other creatures were lower because they had no capability of self-realization. To me I felt, just because they do not have self-realization in the sense that we think* they should have self-realization, does not make them lower, or our perceived lessons greater, than say living the life of a dolphin or an snake, or having never lived a life as human.


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