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I wrote an email to a friend today giving them an update on the birth of our new son, and I thought I would post an excerpt here because it just felt so apt.


Today is my first day back at work, and honestly it’s a bit strange to be here. I feel like my life is at home and when I come here, there is no pause button. Life continues.

Despite that, it’s been absolutely amazing. There are only two other memories in my life that I can remember that can even compare to the moment I first saw him. The first was when I got married, and the second was a bit more of a personal moment. It reminded me of one thing, pure, true, unconditional love. When I first saw him, my eyes welled up, and I couldn’t even speak, to tell my wife that he was beautiful and healthy. She saw it though in my eyes, and that was all that mattered in that moment. It was just so surreal. You wait and wait for months, and then one day there he is.

In just the first day he really taught me something. In this fast pace life, nothing really matters. Time stops, and what matters most is what is happening in front of you at any given moment in time. You just really have live life day by day, and enjoy things as they come. So yes, it is the most amazing feeling. I just pray that we will be guided rightly, so that we may in turn guide him.

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